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Panamá Decide, New Citizens’ Action Group ("Constituent Assembly")

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Panama Decide movement aims for parallel constituent assembly


Posted 11/05/2021

Representatives of the Panama Decide citizen movement  on Tuesday, May11  delivered a memorandum to the Electoral Tribunal (TE), in which they express their intention to convene a parallel Constituent Assembly.

“We are moved by the common purpose of building a new Panama. It is the opportunity that citizens have to set the course that the country has followed in recent decades, plagued by corruption and abuses of power, ”said Carlos Ernesto González Ramírez, who chairs the movement.

González Ramírez exhorted all those citizens "tired of the live game that causes impunity, cost overruns, lack of attention to basic services and a bad international image of the country" to sign in favor of a parallel constituent. "Changing the Constitution , which is the basis of the organization of the State, is the only way to have changes in the Executive, the Assembly and the Court," he said.

Seventy Panamanian citizens –all founders or members of Panamá Decide– and representatives of different political groups and organizations that support the initiative have signed the memorandum to start the process.

580,742 signatures need to be collected to make the call. The six-month period to gather the signatures will begin to run on the business day following the two weeks of training that the activists of the movement must receive from the National Directorate of Electoral Organization of the TE.

The Panama Decide movement called on Panamanian citizens to be aware of the website, social networks, and the media to know the details of the start date for collecting signatures throughout the country.



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The urgency for a Constituent Assembly


Posted 21/05/2021

It has become clear that the Constitution cannot remain as it is: 82.6% of those surveyed by GAD3 consider that changes are urgently needed, either by convening a Constituent Assembly to draft a completely new one or simply by modifying specific issues of the current one - from 1972 -, an exercise that has already been done in the past five times, the last in 2004. This urgency to reform the institutional architecture of the country has been understood by groups of the population (civic, union, political), who are now preparing to seek the necessary signatures. It seems that this country was only united by football and the red tide, but it seems that also the urgency to change the Magna Carta. The Electoral Tribunal - from its supervisory position - would do well to facilitate the process and face the responsibility that this entails. The entity calculated that it requires, at least, $50 million to finance the process that originates a Parallel Constituent Assembly. This should be seen as a country investment, not as an expense. Much more is disbursed in electoral subsidies to parties that function as the branch of a supermarket or as a cockpit for live gambling, patronage, and corruption - LA PRENSA May 21.



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