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Environmental Impact Study for Creation of a New Power Plant for Chiriqui Grande

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Tender for a $4 Million Consultancy in Panama

Empresa de Transmision Electrica bids the analysis, preliminary studies and consulting services for the preparation of the environmental impact study of the project called Chiriquí Grande-Panamá III, 500 Kv operating at 230 Kv.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Panama Government Purchase 2021-2-78-0-04-LV-013730:

"The commitment includes without limitation: equipment, products, accessories, suitable staff registered as Consultant and Environmental Auditor with the Ministry of Environment (registrations in force for the term of the Consultancy) and auxiliary (field staff).

This work team shall have the economic, operational and technical capacity, equipment, technology, materials and experience to guarantee compliance with the assigned responsibilities, and shall work closely with the Contracting Entity.

The Consultant for the Preparation of the Environmental Impact Study must have a work team made up of at least two (2) work fronts integrated by the following professionals:   one (1) General Coordinator, four (4) Area Coordinators (Physical, Biological, Socioeconomic and Occupational Health and Safety - OSH), two (2) Geographers, two (2) Geologists, two (2) Soil Scientist/Podologists, two (2) Hydrologists, two (2) Cartographers/GIS, two (2) Topographers, six (6) OSH Specialists, twelve (12) Field Assistants, two (2) Forest Engineers, two (2) Botanists, two (2) Ornithologists, two (2) Herpetologists, two (2) Mastozoologist, two (2) Ichthyologist, two (2) Chiroptera, two (2) Natural Resources Specialist, two (2) Wildlife Specialist, two (2) Zoologists, two (2) Sociologist, two (2) Anthropologist/Archaeologist and two (2) Community Development Specialist and one (1) Economist".

Reference value: $4,200,287.

Deadline for receipt of bids: June 16, 2021.

See tender.

Source: CentralAmericaData.COM



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