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Community Chat: All about Theater

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This BCP Community Chat was recorded for archival purposes because of the first public announcement of progress toward a new community center/theater for Boquete.

Quoting Price Peterson, who was in attendance at this Community Chat, but not a speaker:


It would be useful to remind all that like the new Boquete Central Park, this community center/theater will be part of the Fundación Biblioteca de Boquete. The building is intended for use by musical, dramatic, and dance groups as a Center for Performing Arts. I strongly suspect that the Board of the Fundación de Biblioteca will find it useful to also use it for smallish conventions, celebrations, and, who knows, even a wedding or two.

While watching the video you will clearly hear the approval and pleasure of the audience as the details of this new community/theater were disclosed. There was even more good news regarding funding for this project. Please watch the below video clip (duration 7m 34s). The remainder of this Community Chat event was not recorded; it dealt with the kinds of volunteers and experience levels needed to move forward with more cultural performances here in Boquete.

If you wish to volunteer or need more information, please email info@eventsboquete.org.

We understand that this presentation will be repeated at the Library on June 10th. There will be further discussion about being involved in theater in Boquete, and perhaps additional details about the facility or funding as well.


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