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Beautiful Japanese Wedding Kimono -- SOLD

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You are looking at a vintage UCHIKAKE Wedding Coat Kimono. It is silk with Cranes embroidered using metallic and satin threads.

Uchikake are the outer layer of a traditional bridal kimono that don't get tied by the obi. They are quite long and are meant to trail along the ground slightly , the hem is padded to prevent wear.


The ladies holding the edges show you some perspective of the size. The kimono is highly decorative with auspicious images such as in this one with Cranes. In Japan, Cranes are traditionally believed to live 1000 years. They are a symbol of longevity. 


619410216_kimonoback.jpg.ea73be45eb64b68dfb75eab661fac382.jpgThis wedding coat has never been used albeit vintage. It is in great condition with no signs of age or wear or use. It has been donated to the Handicap Foundation by a lady who purchased it more than 35 years ago.


It is clean and does not have any odor.

It is lined in red satin interior and trim.

Your purchase includes the bamboo display frame.


The dimensions are:

76" long

52" arm to arm

26" armpit to armpit.

Similar wedding kimonos are advertised on Ebay for about $500 plus expensive shipping. The Boquete Handicap Foundation would like to receive $300 for this beautiful item. Email Penny at pjbarrett@aol.com or text WhatsAp 6510-8934.



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I’ve been to Japan and one of my first impressions was that in general the Japanese people are smaller than Americans. Not only in girth but also height. This thing looks huge next to Americans so think about how much bigger it would be on a smaller Japanese bride. Wow. A huge amount of work went into making this garment.

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