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Panama Consular Attaché Telma Deleise Barría Pinzón and Husband Die in Colombia Flood

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Panama Consul dies in Colombia flood


Posted 02/03/2021

Telma Deleise Barría Pinzón, 60, the Panamanian consul in Bogotá, Colombia, died when the vehicle in which she was traveling with four other people was swept away by the rising  Frío River, in the department of Huila , on the night of Monday, March 1, 2021.

"The Foreign Ministry regrets the death of our consular attaché for the last 14 years in Bogotá, Telma Barría Pinzón, whose vehicle was swept away by a storm surge during a family outing on the Frío River in Colombia," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Look ), in a brief statement released this Tuesday.

Colombian media reported that two other people died in the accident. According to Caracol Radio and El Espectador , they are two consulate officials: a diplomatic attaché and a Colombian lawyer.

Two more people in the crashed van survived.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry identified the deceased diplomatic attaché as the husband of Consul Barría Pinzón



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