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How To Enter An Email Address As A "hotlink"

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Entering an email address as a "hotlink" means is that when someone clicks on that email hotlink that the software will open the user's email client and automatically insert your email address. Using hotlinks is good posting style for a couple of reasons:

  • it makes things easier and faster for the user, and
  • it eliminates all mistakes in entering the email address.

Unfortunately the CL software is not super sophisticated; sophisticated, yes, but not super sophisticated. To enter your email address as a hotlink means that you need to type in the HTML code. That is NOT difficult. Here are the details.

Place the cursor where you want to place your email address hotlink. Then click on the "link" icon at the top in the toolbar section.



Notice that there are two fields that show up in the dialog window that opens.


In the first field that is labeled "URL" type in the following HTML coding in all lower case letters: "mailto:" (without the quote signs, and don't forget the ending colon character), followed by your email address. Then in the second field labeled "Link text" type in your email address, then click on "Insert into post". Do not put any space characters into either of these two fields.

That is all there is. As an example, for John Doe's email of <john.doe@gmail.com> to be entered as an email hotlink, the two fields should be:



One last helpful hint: If you want to format your text (control the font, font size, text color, bolding, underlining, etc.), enter the email hotlink FIRST, and then apply the desired formatting.

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