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Urgently need foster or forever homes......


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Sisi-is a lab mix, about 4 months old.  She is playful and energetic and very loving....same old story, tied up on a short leash, no food or water available.  She is currently in a foster home with 3 older dogs, who do not appreciate her spunk and energy and needs to find a place to stay until she can find her forever home.  She is not quite ready for adoption yet, as she still needs her shots and needs to be spayed.  She needs to put on a few more pounds until this can be done.  As a foster for ARF, we pay for all medical needs as well as food.  Can anyone out there provide a temporary home for sweet Sisi?


Lady Carapacia TortiGal "Miss Tiggy" was a foundling who was rescued.
The best description of Tiggy is that she is a love.  She is just baby size with silky soft fur which she keeps scrupulously clean.  She is very like a Siamese, being quite talkative, very protective, and somewhat possessive of her people and territory.  (They apparently call this "Tortitude").  She comes when called, obeys commands (most of the time), uses a scratching post, uses the litterbox or outdoors and (I think) could easily be trained to use the toilet as she has a great interest in that device... She loves feet and legs, so if yours start to leave her, she is likely to follow and entice you to continue whatever game you were playing with her (or she was playing with you!) And she loves to lick (hands, faces, feet) which I happen to like, but she will stop when firmly told "no". She would be perfect for a person or couple who wants a a cuddly, engaging, talkative, cute and clean fur baby that really loves them back.  Tiggy's foster will be

leaving in 2 and a half weeks, and she needs to find a new foster or forever home.


If you would like to donate, and help us help the animals of Boquete and surrounding areas, please go to our website:  http://www.arf-boquete.com/donate.html

Lisa Mosley
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