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Below is a list of varied "stuff" that you may want or need more than I do.  It sort of seems to just grow in our house!

If you have interest in one or more items on the list, you can send an email to usn11958@gmail.com to see if it is still available and to have me send directions to our house in Alto Boquete.  I can send them by email or by WhatsApp.

If you're planning to buy small stuff, try to bring some small bills or Balboa coins to make the transaction smoother and faster.

I may find more "stuff" to add into the sale, so ask when you come.  If I find a lot, I'll post another ad.

Now, here's the list:


KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP (Yum!!) Big 60-ounce jars $5.00 each




Fourth grade mathematics book in Spanish – $1

Spanish Visual and Link CD set, brand new – $5

Spanish Made Simple (2 copies) – $1

Spanish for Gringos, Level 2 – $3

Spanish in 10 Minuter a Day, workbook - $1

Subliminal Spanish kit, new with CD – $10

Complete book of spanish, Grades 1 – 3 – $5

Spanish Now, level 1, textbook/workbook – $5

Everest Spanish Dictionary (only Spanish) -- $1

Handy English-Spanish Dictionary – $1

U. of Chicago English-Spanish Dictionary – $1

Teach Yourself Spanish kit with 2 CD's – $5

Berlitz Spanish Premier 8 CD set – $10

Teach Yourself Spanish (book only) – $3

HIT English-Spanish dictionary – $2

Picture Dictionary – beginners w/internet – $5

Illustrated School Dictionary – $1

Subliminal Spanish – 3 CD's – $2


SELFIE STICK – brand new in box. Has folding tripod base and

wireless shutter release. Works with Android or iPhone.

Less than 8 inches long when closed. $12.00


POWERFUL GREEN LASER – 5mw, 532 nanometers. Range 2 to 5 kilometers.

Brand new in box with rechargeable lithium battery and charger. Lecture pointer,

target designator, Tyndall effect or other uses. $15.00


HYDROCORTISONE CREAM – 1-ounce tube. Made in USA. Expires June 2023.

Local product half this size is $8.00  FOUR AVAILABLE $5.00 each


MINI DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA. Brand new in box. AVI color format 1080P resolution.

Image ratio 4:3. Built-in rechargeable battery. Tiny size. Records audio. Motion Detector

activation Very sophisticated circuitry with many controls. One mount to clip on clothing

as body cam. One mount for use on desk or other surface. Uses micro SD up to 32 GB.

With cable and instructions. $12.00



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