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Cold front brings rains and floods to Colón

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Cold front brings rains and floods to Colón


Posted 10/01/2021

Dozens of families were affected by the floods caused by the heavy rains that fell in the district of Santa Isabel, province of Colón, due to the passage of a cold front.

In communities such as Nombre de Dios, Miramar, Viento Frío, Unión Santeña, Palenque and others in the district, where the heavy rain occurred on Friday and at dawn on Sunday, caused the overflow of several rivers on the upstream coast.

Pablo Salazar, mayor of the Santa Isabel district reported that preliminary figures add 86 houses affected in Nombre de Dios, 15 in Miramar, 9 in Viento Frío, and 12 in Palenque. There were also damages in the Unión Santeña and La Línea where the census is carried out by the National Civil Protection System, the Red Cross, and the communal boards of the townships. The water reached the height of the windows.

"This bad weather was terrible, nobody expected it and less in January when summer arrives and work is done to avoid the obstruction of the mouth of the rivers to avoid the overflow," said Salazar.



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Humanitarian aid for Colón flood victims


Posted 11/01/2021

Trucks with humanitarian aid were sent on Monday to those affected by the floods in the province of Colón. .said The Ministry of Social Development (Mides),

Mattresses, bottled water, cleaning kits, personal hygiene kits, milk, and diapers were part of the supplies sent to 156 families affected by the rains in the district of Santa Isabel, Costa Arriba of Colón.

Weather alert

The Etesa Hydrometeorology Directorate and the National Civil Protection Service (Sinaproc) warned of possible moderate to heavy rains in different parts of the country, especially in the east and the Panamanian Caribbean.



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