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A huge "Thank You" from the Handicap Foundation


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Everyone from the Handicap Foundation (Fundacion Pro-Integracion) would like to thank our wonderful community for their support in an overwhelming financial success with our recent Final Sale of Irene’s Books, which was an overwhelming success of $1,553.42, selling all but a few boxes of books to continue offering at La Villa Coffee Shop in the hex room of BCP, thanks to Elizabeth’s generous offer to assist with ongoing sales.


We are also so very grateful to all of our dedicated volunteers who assisted us with that sale and want to send our warmest thanks. What a great team!


Blanche … our in house literary expert and book category analyst.


Barbara … our brand new FPI volunteer who was immediately willing to help with this fundraising project.


Clare … who designed our advertising material, thereby making sure that we were noticed by everyone who has a computer and uses local social media.


Dan … who quietly worked in so many areas, especially in the endless sorting of more than 100 boxes of books.


Dave … one of our long-term FPI giants among volunteers, who is so great to work with under all circumstances.


Elizabeth, the manager of La Villa Coffee Shop … and to whom we wish all success in her business. Thank you for your support and your continuing interest in raising money on an ongoing basis by selling donated books in your coffee shop to benefit FP.I


Jane … who through it all kept helping, and then purchased a sea of leftover books at the end of the sale.


Judy ... who deserves a medal for the most cheerful volunteer, working for 2 days unpacking and repacking books with great energy



Maureen, a good friend of Irene … who helped Irene with book sales in the past and who brought Irene’s expertise with her to the Final Irene Book Sale.


Mike, our super-duper transport guy … who is, when he is not taking kids to school or carrying the neighborhood to their appointments, is always ready to help FPI with transportation problems.


Penny … who enabled us to have a great electronic advertising campaign and facilitated our being able to sell books at the La Villa coffee shop on an ongoing basis. 


Ross … who whistled and smiled while hauling books at the end of a long sales day, and who has given so much of his time in the past to keep the Tuesday Irene’s Book stand at BCP in operation, even after Irene passed away.


Simon … whose enthusiasm for “doing things the right way” inspires us all, and who can also use a drill and a hammer with great expertise.


Walter … who came to help Mike with the final clean up at BCP, and was hauling heavy items after his regular workday.


Migdalia, our cashier on the day of the final sale, and FPI’s executive secretary every day of the week … who worked for two days with total dedication to making this sale a success. 


Thanks to all of you, from the bottom of our heart.  Irene would be proud of you!


Susan Peterson

Loesje Sherwood

Directors, Fundación Pro Integración

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