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Panama to Export Chicken Meat to China

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Panama to Export Chicken Meat to China

Authorities from both countries signed a protocol that will allow Panamanian producers to export poultry meat to the Asian nation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The agreement that was signed on November 17, 2020 by Panama's ambassador to China, Leonardo Kam, representing the Ministries of Health and Agricultural Development, and by the Director General of the General Administration of Customs of China, Ni Yuefeng, includes an annex with the list of ten eligible chicken edible by-products that would integrate the agreement.

See "Pork: Regional Market Figures" and "Beef: How Much Has the Market Grown?"

Laestrella.com.pa reviews that the agreement signed by both countries "... regulates inspection, quarantine and other requirements of a veterinary nature to be met for the introduction of this type of meat in the Asian country.

This is a new endorsement that Panama gets, since in December 2019 through the subscription of two protocols the Central American country was authorized to export pork and sausage meat, as well as fish and shrimp to the Asian country.

With the agreement signed at the end of last year, the amount of products that Panama can sell to China was increased, since in June 2019 Panamanian producers began to send beef to the Asian giant. In addition, the Central American country has customs codes to export pineapple, cod and a species of tuna.


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