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Restaurante Al Punto -- A New Restaurant to Replace the Former Machu Picchu

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Several of us decided to try the new Restaurante Al Punto in Bajo Boquete. Al Punto is in the same location where the former Machu Picchu was located (Isabellas is in the same complex). Upon arrival we were greeted in English by Martin, who asked if we had a preference as to seating location. We were the only customers, and so we chose close to the front window. The menu was extensive, and mostly Italian style entrees. We ordered our appetizers (garlic bread, which was very well prepared), and drinks. They currently do not have a liquor license, and so it was water, sodas, and the like. As soon as the liquor licensing procedure can be completed then Al Punto intends to stock a rather large inventory of excellent wines. I suspect beer will be included as well.

Service was excellent. Drinks were promptly delivered, followed almost immediately with the garlic bread (it was so good that we had a repeat order). Then the main entrees came out. We all noticed attention to details, such as the proper and consistent placement of utensils, etc.

Below are some pictures of the facility, the front cover of the menu (much too detailed to try to capture all the pages using pictures), and the food items. We were further pleasantly surprised to be served dessert, without asking for it. Dessert was flan.

We learned that Al Punto has a special business luncheon menu, which is all inclusive, reduced selection of items, but very attractively priced.

Food preparation was excellent. Serving sizes were quite large. Presentation was well done. Again, attention to details was obvious.

Marcelyn and I had dinner with everything included (soda drinks, 2 x appetizers, one entree and tip) for about $24.00. I did not ask about the prices of the other meals, but suspect similar to our entree. This early in the restaurant's life is cash only, but with intention of accepting credit cards as soon as the paperwork can be completed. We all expressed a desire to return for more fine dining experiences in the future.









Here is their contact information:

Restaurante Al Punto
Boquete, Chiriqui
+507 6688-6463


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Excellent review. They bent over backwards serving us. Bud forgot to mention that, in addition to the free dessert, they also served us a free appetizer which was some kind of ground up olives and garlic in an oil base.

Everything was good. My carbonera dish was too much to eat in one sitting but it made a delicious breakfast the next morning.

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