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Paws for the Cause – DogCamp Boquete Poop Scoop 4 Edition


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Paws for the Cause – DogCamp Boquete
Poop Scoop 4 Edition
Boquete's DogCamp's goal is to help abandoned dogs reach good health so that they can be placed in loving foster care, or better yet, a forever home. There are so many ways YOU can help out.
Wait until your dog(s) see DogCamp's new location. They'll be barking to come back weekly !
The property is spacious with areas to roam, rest and play. In rainy weather and at night there is a large covered terrace which houses dog beds and blankets for all.
DogCamp's daycare and boarding services are now available.
There are so many benefits in utlizing the services from DogCamp:
* Builds confidence
* Develops healthy social skills
* Maintains good physical and mental health
Should you have questions regarding any of DogCamp's please contact Javier or Magaly at 6965-9423 / 6563-8686 or email dogcampboquete@gmail.com
Please note that DogCamp does not publish its location. That is done in an attempt to avoid people abandoning dogs at the entrance. If you are wanting their services please notify Magaly/Javier directly and an appointment can be arranged. If you have trouble reaching them by Whatsapp, please email them.
They are working on getting a better internet connection this coming week.
One way to support DogCamp is to shop at DogCamp's two locations :
Tuesday TAP Out Market (parking lot)
BCP's Tuesday Market (inside Arco Aris)
During the month of October:
DogCamp at TapOut will have the majority of dog items for sale (leashes, collars, toys, etc.) Occasionally we will have a dog or two for adoption or for fostering there as well.
DogCamp's BCP Tuesday Market booth is going to concentrate on helping you get
some of your Christmas shopping done early. We have some unique collections that will be highlighted over the next month – darling dolls, 'truck' themed items, 'sheep' themed items, 'bike' themed items, a Wizard of Oz set of ornaments, and much much more including stocking stuffers for your dog(s).
We hope you will stop by the booth each Tuesday to see for yourself. These are one of a kind items so plan to come early.
YOU can help DogCamp by donating not only to the DogCamp Tuesday Market booth, but also to the 2021 DogCamp Patio Sale (date yet to be determined).
DogCamp wants and needs your donations. We ask that whatever you donate be in good condition, free of stains and in working condition. Please contact Leslie McPeak (lesliemcpeak@ yahoo.com) if you have nice quality used/new items to donate to DogCamp's Tuesday Market booth and/or DogCamp's 2021 Patio Sale.
As for dog food donations - you can donate dog food at anytime by contacting Dog
Camp directly, dropping it off at TapOut's Tuesday Market table in the parking lot or purchasing dog food at LaGranja (next to Gago).The store will notify DogCamp of your donation by name and will assure delivery of the food. With 35+ dogs to feed daily,donations of dog food is greatly appreciated.
Financial Donations – There are at least 5 ways to donate much needed money to DogCamp.
* PayPal- paypal.me/kirstenmiaquimby- be sure to include a note saying its for DogCamp
* US bank account- contact dogcampboquete@gmail.com for transfer/deposit information
* Panama bank account- contact dogcampboquete@gmail.com for transfer/deposit information
One of the two booths at the Tuesday Markets
In Person when visiting DogCamp by appointment
DogCamp is blessed to be working in partnership with some wonderful organizations and individuals both in Boquete and beyond.
We'd like to take the opportunity to do a special 'shout out' of appreciation and recognition to the following:
* Amigos de Animales de Boquete - The work of this organization is highly respected and trusted. They are having 3 spay / neuter clinics per month and often offer support to others working on behalf of animals.
* Kirstin Quimby - Kirstin and DogCamp work to be sure homeless and neglected animals get the care and love needed so that they can be adopted or fostered. DogCamp focuses on dogs of course, while Kirstin focuses on cats.
* La Granja Boquetena– A wonderful store that offers animal feed, medication, along with vet and grooming services.
Folks can buy and donate dog food at La Granja on behalf of DogCamp which helps provide much needed food for DogCamp's 4 legged residents.
An added blessing is that La Granja is now providing store space for new items on behalf of DogCamp.
Phone: 69948636
* Dr. Chely and Dr. Janzel- These two doctors work closely with DogCamp when medical attention is needed.
Dr. Chely's hours are weekdays 8-5pm Phone: 65184127
Dr. Janzel works on emergency calls 24 hrs, seven days a week. Phone 65931567
* Finca Bermejito - our newest partner. This finca is located in Santa fe de Veraguas. Among the many projects going on at this gorgeous finca is their unique handcrafted horse reins, blankets, bridals, leads and collars.They also make handcrafted dog leashes and collars. The dog items can be seen at the BCP booth at Tuesday Market. The horse items will be arriving soon and will also be available at the BCP Tuesday booth and by special order.
What's App 6566 8686 / 6965 9423
Poop Scoop Newsletter and market donations: lesliemcpeak@yahoo.com, 6366 1945 or leave a message on poop scoop link
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