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We are very pleased to announce our Forum for Jobs and Ride Sharing...Rendezvous is free to use and is bilingual.
As our economy continues to improve, it is our hope that businesses will make use of this free service to post job openings when they are in a position to add employees. Individuals can also seek or offer services such as housekeeping and gardening. I often see postings on Facebook by kind people trying to assist their workers in filling up their schedules, and we would love to add our help to those efforts! In addition to this, please encourage them to create their own listing by using the special domain we created for our hosts: BolsaDeEmpleo.biz
Machine translations are not perfect, so I would like to thank Charlotte Summers for providing excellent translations for the instructions and titles.
Ride Sharing needs little explanation and I'm grateful to Chis Duffy for suggesting this forum. For those primarily interested in ride sharingyou can bookmark this page to only see that section: boqueteandbeyond.com/rendezvous/ride/
At the suggestion of Daniel from Global Food Providers, we just added a Volunteers Needed section to the forum for nonprofits and community outreach groups. 
To make Rendezvous easy to use, we are trying an experiment in community trust, so it is not necessary to register and login to use the forums. If things get out of hand, this would have to change. But, there are some functions that only work if registered and logged in. Being able to edit what you post and having an Avatar are two of them, so in the near future we will enable registration to give access to these options.
This is also a unique opportunity for others who might like to have their own forum inside our platform. If you have a passion for an idea and are willing to promote and moderate, let's discuss it. Our plate is full, so we will not be creating any more forums, but are open to providing space for others. It could be public or private/members only, and we would do the technical setup then turn it over for moderating.
As always, heart-felt gratitude to our digital wizard...Jeff Dufresne
There are four ways to access the forum:
1. Click the Rendezvous button on the home page: boqueteandbeyond.com
2. Bookmark this page: boqueteandbeyond.com/rendezvous/
3. Go directly to the translated page: bolsadeempleo.biz
For more information, please contact kevin@boquete.app
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