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THE Tuesday Market at Tapout


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Saturday, October 3, 2020
Finca Santa Marta Organic Produce
THE Tuesday Market at Tapout is reopening on Tuesday Oct. 6th in Boquete
and we will be there. 🙂
Finca Santa Marta is excited to announce that starting next Tuesday,
October 6th, we will be setup at THE Tuesday Market at Tapout that is
reopening after an extended shutdown. We will be offering our Certified
Organic Produce and Free Range eggs and chickens by preorder from
our website at www.fincasantamarta.biz for pickup. Limited amounts of product will be
offered for purchase at our tables.
This market is at the Tapout Restaurant facility across the bridge and to
the RIGHT. It is not to be confused with the new BCP Market at the
fairgrounds. We will be setup in our original location where we were prior
to the shut down.
The market will be open from 9-1 on Tuesday mornings. Please place
your order early for pickup here. We will also have a variety of organic
produce available for purchase at the table. There will be several
sanitary procedures in place to allow this market to reopen, including the
wearing of required masks and social distancing.
We will also still utilize our previous drop off point for pickups from 4-6
PM on Tuesdays if you do not want to go to the market. Please contact
us BEFORE making your order for information about this secondary point.
Note: The hours for the pickup of your orders are: 9-1 at the
Tuesday Market at the Tapout; or 4-6 at our drop off point on the
main road into town. You must choose one location or the other for
pickup of orders.
Any questions about this new schedule should be directed to Hellen in
Panama at 6393-4044 (Spanish or WhatsApp), or Ron on his US cell
phone number at 540-560-9680 (English or WhatsApp).
Use fincasantamarta@me.com for emails.
We look forward to seeing you at THE Tuesday Market at Tapout.
Ron Miller and the entire FSM crew thank you for your continued
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I know they probably mean well, but the people planning and executing (and naming) these open markets are making a huge mistake. They seem to be trying to leverage the reputation of the Tuesday Markets that BCP organized and managed for years.

Why don't they grow up and quit trying to confuse people. Name it something like Tapout Market or Rotary Market or some such?!.

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