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If you have a simple health question, I can enthusiastically recommend http://www.wired.com/2014/07/healthtap-prime/, one of the largest telemedicine providers in the world.  It is the only such service I am aware of that even has a free advice component.  I have been a provider there for several years, in fact have been the leading Emergency Physician for the past year.  You may join and ask a simple question for free, board certified US physicians will answer and there are all kinds of informational resources as well. 

healthtap-primeThere is an associated paid consultation service that allows you to have a 15-30 minute interaction with one of us for I believe now about $49 (some of which goes to the service), including the ability to transmit photos, radiographs, and other laboratory tests.  Health Tap also offers special monthly rates for unlimited consultations. 


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