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Fundraiser for Rodny Moreno and Elementary School of Volcancito

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                                                                                                          Asociacion Caridad de la Comunidad de Boquete

                                                                                                               ACCB needs your help!

As our mission statement states ACCB's purpose is support other local charities in Boquete. During the Covid-19 virus “season” the requests for donations from local organizations and groups has not diminished. We have made cash donations to The Handicap Foundation, The Dog Camp and La Estrella del Valley school. In addition, some of our members have personally purchased dog food and medicine for the Dog Camp in ACCB's name.

Currently we have committed to the needs of Rodny Direct and Volcancito Elementary School.

      1. RODNY MORENO: aka Rodny Direct. Rodny is the 24x7x365 hotline assistance project that provides a kind of "911" style emergency assistance call-in telephone service.  Rodny is a quadriplegic from birth, and so he needs assistance to do everything. He also is very dependent on a wheelchair. Rodny's current wheelchair is worn out. He needs a replacement wheelchair. Several Boquete area expatriates have already donated sufficient funds to cover the cost of the wheelchair, (The basic wheelchair comes with one battery, but a second one is strongly desired to keep Rodny mobile at all times while the other battery is charging.). The amount needed is about $250.00 to $300.00 to cover the full cost of the backup battery and its transportation from the US to Boquete. This young man has saved many a gringos over the years and likely to save many more.

        2. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL OF VOLCANCITO: Zulay Morales, is the 4th grade teacher for this school. She is requesting support for 4 students in her group who do not have the technological media to receive their virtual classes. Their families do not have the resources to purchase the phones used to receive their lessons and do their homework. They need either Iphones or Smartphone phones and they DO NOT need to be new. We are asking for 4 donated used cell phones so these 4 children can continue classes and keep up with their grade level. If we do not collect the 4 used phones from the community we will be purchasing new phones for them through donations.

                                  ACCB will be setup at Big Daddy's outside porch on

                                Wednesday, August 12th from 10:00am – 12:00 noon

     to accept donations for Rodny (Direct) Moreno and/or Volcancito Elementary School 4th graders.

ACCB is committed to donate to the Boquete community and since we have not been able to raise money hosting our bi-weekly BINGO night, musical fundraisers, Oktoberfest and SpringFest and all our other fun events, we are asking for donations at Big Daddy's.



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                                                                        Asociacion Caridad de la Comunidad de Boquete

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. It took awhile to get pictures with Rodny because of the rainy weather and other things beyond our control. So, at last we are able to report on the success of ACCBoquete's Fundraiser held August 12th at Big Daddys restaurant after the final delivery of donated money has been personally handed to the intended parties and pictures have been taken to share with you.


* We met our goal to help purchase a spare battery for the new electric wheelchair for RODNY MORENO's birthday. This wheelchair will enable Rodny to be as self -sufficent as he can be. Mark Heyer posted a more detailed report Sunday on News.Boquete with pictures of Rodny in his wheelchair. ACCBoquete handed Rodny $300.00 in cash to pay for the new spare battery.


 We also we collected donations of Smartphones for students at ELEMENTARY SCHOOL OF VOLCANCITO . The students use the cell phones to do their daily school lessons Sun and connect them with the teacher and the other students. Our goal was 3 phones and we received 6 phones plus $100.00 cash was received from our generous community. The additional phone were distributed to other students whose parents were not able to provide for them at other schools in Boquete. The cash was used to purchase sim cards, a missing charger for 1 phone, a missing memory card, and prepaid minutes for the students. Our own, Kathya de Chong headed up this project and presented the phones to Teacher Zulay Morelas ELEMENTARY SCHOOL OF VOLCANCITO and the other students from a local school in Boquete.

                              image.thumb.png.43e851a11d50910db336afcfda459ebe.png                                        image.thumb.png.ef157bd3a8cad04923d6bc3062aa2143.png                                    image.thumb.png.4ecb0de2653bf92504e4d6154229c60d.png


 In addition to the donation requests for Rodny and the Volcancito Elementary School some very generous people asked if they could give donations to The Dog Camp and of course, we were happy to be able to present Magaly and Javiar at THE DOG CAMP with a cash donation of $150.00.



We are always amazed at the level of generosity from the Boquete community. Its why we are here and its why we do what we do.


We want to thank all those that gave to one or more of these much-needed recipients.


                                                      The members of ACCBoquete






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