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Got pain? Got inflammation? Got anxiety and stress (are you kidding me? Who doesn't in the Time of COVID??)
Have you considered CBD (the non-psychoactive extract from hemp)?  If you haven't, here is a great research and educational link: Project CBD
Cloud Forest Botanicals' Hemp & Herb line combines traditional herbal extracts from organic plants WITH pure, hemp derived organic CBD to create effective, non-addictive, safe and legal remedies. For more information, visit our website: Cloud Forest Botanicals or send us a question at info@cloudforestbotanicals.com.
For delivery or pickup each week in Boquete on WEDNESDAY or Potrerillos on FRIDAY, please go to Boquete & Beyond. Scroll down to Cloud Forest Botanicals and follow the easy directions. Delivery to your home is an option, depending on your location. 
We do SO appreciate Pre-Orders as it helps us to better serve you and manage our time. And, if we have any questions, we can then contact you to clarify.
If you live outside Boquete, anywhere else in Panama, we can ship or refer you to one of our strategically placed distributors for personal attention. English or Spanish, no problem.
Stay well -- keep taking those vitamins and zinc, avoid crowds, wear the freaking mask, obsessively wash your hands, and practice gratitude that you are HERE, and not somewhere else!
Cheers from the Cloud Forest
Elizabeth and Dianne
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