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Microboards.jpg.82ad0dcc9dd5e0d5708f1e0cc93ce31e.jpgSony.jpg.b885ab64c201c0bbb7fcd966f4b285a9.jpgModel DVD PRM-1016. Can duplicate up to 10 CDs or DVDs from a single master. One of the 10 slots sometimes doesn't function properly. Includes a 5 pack of Sony DVD-RW 120 minute discs.

  • Verification Mode: Microboards towers support Bit-to-Bit Data Verification, ensuring a perfect burn every time. (Data Disc Only) For CD-Audio and CD-XA (Extra) a basic disc read check is performed
  • Track Extraction mode allows the user to create custom Audio CDs by uploading tracks from masters to the Hard Drive and then burning the compilation to CD
  • Image Archival permits the user to store disc images dynamically on the hard drive
  • Copy & Verify mode causes the duplicator to check each copy after the recording process is completed, ensuring a perfect burn on every copy
  • PC Connect Upgrade Option An optional PC connection is also available on DVD Duplicators using a USB 2.0 interface module for mastering
Sells new on Amazon.com for $1131.23. A non-functioning, parts only unit sells on Ebay for $200. Add major shipping costs to each price. The Handicap Foundation will unconditionally guarantee this unit for 60 days, will include a 5 pack of SONY 2 hour DVD+RW discs and has priced it at only $180 (no shipping. Email Penny at pjbarrett@aol.com or text WhatsAp 6510-8934.
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