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Recycling In Boquete Suspended Temporarily


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Respected Collaborators:
Our Association will like to thank you, and let you know how much you mean to us for supporting our environmental mission.
As you know because of the pandemic we had to close our Recycling Center.
In June we got the ok. from the Health Minister to continue our activity as far as we follow the protocol. We open the 21 of June as an experiment to see if we could resume our activities, and even though many of you came and collaborate with us, we realize that some people were not comfortable with the situation but we decided to follow our Calendar.
Than mean that the next Rally , had to be June 30. The Volunteers was worry with the last news in town and witout their help we can´t do the job.Sorry  you don´t received the announcement that we had to cancelled the future dates on the calendar until further notice.
We sincerely apologize for having to close on June the 30, as much as we want to keep doing the recycling, we do not want to expose our volunteers and collaborators, your health and well being are very important to us.
With warm wishes and deep gratitude,
Boquete Recycle
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