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Boquete Mayor imposes new restrictions

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Note: These minutes have been manually translated by Renny Kranich


Extreme measures of Biohazard/Biosafety against CoVID 19.

The Second Meeting was held concerning the coordination between the Mayor of Boquete and the various surrounding jurisdictions and THE MINISTERIO DE SALUD (MINSA)

Today, 7th of July, the mayor, Joswar Alvarado, had a meeting with several leaders of the various areas of Boquere such as Palmira, Bajo Boquete, Jaramillo, Los Naranjos, Alto Boquete, Caldera, also with the Ministerio of Salud (MINSA), the National Police and Medical Director Gloriela Acosta.

The purpose of the meeting was to coordinate the beginning of preventative measures to be applied in the various communities due to the new positive cases of CoVID 19 in three jurisdictions of the District that are: Bajo Boquete, Alto Boquete and Los Naranjos, but which exclude Jaramillo, Caldera and Palmira as they do not have any coronavirus cases up to the moment.

1. The detention by the National Police of persons that are in public, “on the street”, at 7 p.m. the hour that has been established as the curfew hour for the general public.

2. Running patrols in and around the tourist sites on the weekends, keeping these places closed as have been since the beginning of the pandemic.

3. The people that want to enter Boquete at the checkpoints may count on needing their documentation that shows proof and purpose of their trip to Boquete.

4. All residents that enter into Boquete through the checkpoint will need to present a light bill receipt to prove his/her residence in Boquete, a “salvoconducto” or documents from the company they work for in order to explain their coming-and-going.

4a. Workers are prohibited to “move” or mobilize from one “finca” (farm) until the next beginning of the next harvest in Boquete.

Up to date, currently Boquete presents with 17 active positive cases of CoVID 19 . Los Naranjos has 9 that are at fincas, Bajo Boquete has 3 that are isolated and quarantined at fincas, Alto Boquete has 5 cases that are isolated and quarantined in their residences, adding to the existing, that brings it to a total of 200 persons that are identified as “isolated” and 56 persons that may not leave their premises at all and all of these are being monitored and are under the control of the MINSA.

Nearing the end of the meeting Alcalde Lic. Joswar Alvarado directed his remarks to the City of David to turn in/give the note directed to the Director of MINSA, in Chiriquí, Doctor Gladys Novoa, that details the key aspects, the full realm of duties of each checkpoint at Caldera and others for the Palmira Jurisdiction and the actions and sanction to apply to people that do not comply with the given measures established and those that will be established by means of these mayoral agreements and decrees in the District of Boquete with full authority per the Municipal Authorities.

Itzel Velásquez
Relaciones Públicas
Municipio de Boquete.

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Thanks for the additional clarification. Hopefully there will be a denial.

There are too many variations on lifestyle and residency arrangements. Some people rent with utilities included and have no car, so they have no proof of their physical residence within Boquete, or automobile insurance, etc. Or how about a spouse whose utilities are in the other's name? Etc., etc., etc.

It is nice (comforting, perhaps?) that the mayor wishes us all to be healthy and happy, but the means to achieve such should not be Draconian.

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