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Help for the hungry in Jaramillo

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Dear friends on Jaramillo--

We spoke to Jesus Quiel at the Junta Communal de Jaramillo a little while ago. He said that each day, he and the other volunteers, deliver 3 pickup loads of food bags to 1000 houses in the Jaramillo District--for approximately 6,000 people. The food bags contain rice, canned fish, dried beans, cooking oil, powdered milk, occasionally some chicken. NO fresh vegetables or meat.
In the early days of the quarantine, many expats made donations of food and money to assist their efforts. In the past month, that has, he says, completely dried up. But, the need goes on.
Working with Daniel Daves of the Global Food Network, Cloud Forest Botanicals pledges to donate, each week, at least 50 lbs. of fresh onions, carrots, potatoes, lettuce or cabbages. (Each 50 lb. bag costs between $20-$25). It's not enough for everyone, but it's a start.
Can you help? If you want to donate $$, we will see that it goes to the purchase of fresh food -- Daniel Daves grows or buys direct from farmers at the best bulk prices. You can PM us to make arrangements.
If you would rather do your own shopping, that is great. Just drop the food off at the Junta Communal on Jaramillo (near the Cabanas Mirador), any day 9 AM - 3 PM. Or, you can give to us directly on Wednesdays, 11-12 outside the Tika Bar and we will deliver it for you.
If EVERYONE contributes, regularly, we can make a difference to our neighbors, who through absolutely no fault of their own, are hurting for food.
Email us at info@cloudforestbotanicals.com or Whatsapp Elizabeth at 6636-8663 or Dianne at 6527-5584.
Please forward this to others in our area--we don't have all the contact info.
Remember the story of the Stone Soup? We can, together, make a difference.Thank you.
Elizabeth and Dianne


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