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How to use the Sertracen website to schedule a driver's license renewal appointment

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Many people have experienced problems trying to book an appointment to renew their drivers license. My friend who wishes to remain anonymous has worked her way through the site for me and has documented the procedures so I can share them with all of you guys.

On the Home Page, click on the word "Aquí" in the photo/box on the left-hand side of the page that says:  "Haz tu cita en línea para trámite de licencia."  (Make your online appointment for a license procedure)  
This will take you to Paso 1 (Step/page 1):  Sistema de citas (citas = appointments)
The boxes on this page are for indicating your choice of procedure:
Box 1:  Seleccione una opción:  Open the box and click on "Generar cita"  (schedule an appointment)
There are 2 other choices available here:  "Reagendar Cita" (Reschedule your appointment) and "Cancelar Cita"  (Cancel your appointment).
Box 2:  Seleccione tipo de documento:  Choose the ID document you possess:  passport or cédula/C.I.P. (carné de identidad personal for permanent residents)
Box 3:  Ingrese número de documento:   Type in the document number. If it's a cédula/C.I.P., include the dashes:  
Then click on the box "No soy un robot."  When the green check-mark appears, click on Continuar to go to the next page.
Paso 2 (Step/page 2):
Box 1:  Seleccione trámite:   Open the box and click on Renovación  (renewal)  
Then enter the digits of your "control number" (número de control).  This is the number that is printed vertically in the right-hand corner of your license.  Type this number WITHOUT the zeros at the beginning of the number.
Click "Continuar" to continue.
Paso 3 (Step/page 3):
Ingrese correo electrónico:  Type in your email.  They will use this to send a confirmation of your appointment.
Repita correo electrónico:   Type in your email again.
Ingrese número único de contacto (Enter your contact number):  Type in your cell or landline phone number, no 507 and no hyphens or spaces.
Box:  Sucursal.  Open the box and click on David.  (or the branch office you want to visit)
The appointment calendar will come up, with dates available for appointments marked in green.   Click on the date you want, and the available times will come up in a separate drop-down box.  If times aren't available, a message in yellow will appear at the top of the page saying that no hours are available that day.  Click to close ("cerrar").   The calendar includes dates for 2 months.  If nothing appears to be available, even if the date is marked in green, close, and try again later, preferably early in the morning or in the evening after 5:30.
Once you've clicked on a time, you'll get a message that Sertracen will contact you with an appointment confirmation email.  This will include an appointment number ("# de cita") that you will need when you go to your appointment.
Here's what the beginning of that confirmation email looks like:
From: Sertracen Panama <citas@sertracen.net>
To:   your email
Sent:    date and time email was sent
Estimado/a  YOUR NAME , en respuesta su solicitud de cita, informamos:
Fecha: 18/07/2020    DATE OF YOUR APPOINTMENT
Hora: 09:00                 TIME
Sucursal: DAVID          WHERE
Es necesario presentarse 15 minutos antes de la hora acordada, se requiere presentar los siguientes documentos:
YOU WILL NEED TO ARRIVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT AND BRING WITH YOU THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS:  1) ID DOCUMENTS:  PASSPORT AND C.I.P. FOR FOREIGNERS, BOTH THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS AND A CLEAN PHOTOCOPY OF EACH.  2)  PLUS THE DOCUMENTS LISTED IN CATEGORY 2 BELOW ('RENOVACION DE LICENCIAS").  Below is a partial translation of those requirements.  If you have traffic violation issues or tickets, open the second link and read the details.  There's also a link where you can check on your standing with traffic issues.
-Documento de identidad (cédula para panameños,pasaporte y carnet de migración para extranjeros)
-Requisitos según trámite(depende de cuál sea el trámite):
Clicking on Link #2:  Documents to bring with you and additional requirements (most, but not all, are listed here):
1)  Your appointment number:  the 5-digit number after "# de cita" in the confirmation email.
2)  Original and clean photocopy of your passport and C.I.P.  If your passport number has changed, bring the old and the new ones and copies.
3)  Vehicle title papers.
4)  Your original (current) driver's license (which will be attached to your file).
5)  Visual and hearing check, performed at the branch office.
6)  $40.00.
7)   A clean record with the Transportation Authority:   traffic tickets paid, no more than 50 points on your record for traffic violations.  There are more details and conditions here on the Sertracen website, which you can see by clicking on the second link: "renovación-de-licencias."  And a link to check on your record.
😎 For applicants over 70 years of age:  a Certificate of good physical and mental health from a physician specializing in internal medicine or geriatrics.  The document should include your physician's full name, professional ID number, cédula (or passport) number, their seal/stamp and actual signature; the Certificate should be issued within 6 months of your appointment.
9)  Special conditions for drivers over 85.  A driving test every 2 years.
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