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2 Guys & A Cooler: Sneak Peek (Menu) for the BCP 2/23/16


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2 Guys & A Cooler

Are you in the Mood for something Different?

This week we wanted to send out a menu sneak preview for all who might be new in town.  Our service specializes in prepared foods that are  delicious, convenient, and affordable.  Each week we send out a menu with what we are offering and from week to week our selections change.  We offer a huge variety of choices so there's a taste for each day of the week.  Our meals come packed and frozen in containers for easy preparation.  No fuss and no mess.   

Gluten free, vegetarian, Lactose intolerant, no worries.  We have something for everyone.  We are a Christian family run business that's lived in Panama for 5 years.  If you happen to be at the BCP on Tuesday come by the booth and say Hi.  You gotta try a brownie.  First one is on me..

If you would like to join our email group please send me an email simply stating that you would like to be added to our Weekly Menu Email.  Send your email to cajuneric@gmail.com .   If you have any questions or you would like to order an item or 2 please email me and let me know what you would like..


If you have any questions you can email me at cajuneric@gmail.com
Thanks for reading
Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, and Aidan
2 Guys & A Cooler 



Are you tired of not knowing the ingredients of your chap stick?  In a search for a healthy organic Chapstick Cecelia was fed up only finding tubes that contained added chemicals, artificial flavoring, synthetic sweeteners, and dyes.  So she decided to make some and it is available this week to order. A great product that delivers every time.  Especially now that we are in the windy season!!

Organic Chapstick (Peppermint) $3.00:   This is an organic chap stick that contains cosmetic grade organic beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and peppermint oil. 

Organic Chapstick (Lavender) $3.00:  This is an organic chap stick that contains cosmetic grade organic beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and lavender oil. 

Organic Chapstick (Chocolate) $2.00:  This is an organic chap stick that contains cosmetic grade organic beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, Coco Powder.  A delightful hint of chocolate. 






(GF) Wisconsin Brats  $4.00/pack of 2:  This dish is simple.  2 Brats wrapped and ready for you to enjoy.  Fresh ingredients and authentic flavor.  I chill and grind the pork in stages so as to not destroy the integrity of the meat.  We do several grinds and season as we go..  Finally we make the links.  Nice and plump you will love every bite!! These brats are ready for you to grill, boil, bake, or cook however you want.



(V) (GF) Cajun Potato Salad $6.00:  This wonderful and delicious salad is prepared fresh for the market.  Using a blend of Down Home ingredients we create a Potato Salad that is hard to beat.  Red Onions, Celery, Hard Boiled Eggs, pickles, and so much more.   A real treat that comes around once in a blue moon.  This is Gluten Free and Vegetarian.  Feeds 2 Adults.



Greek Moussaka  $8.00:  Eggplant that’s been salted and well rinsed (so it's not so salty) is pan fried and is the base for this delicious Greek dinner.  Ground beef cooked with onions, garlic, tomato sauce and red wine that’s been showered with parmesan cheese and exotic spices make this dish quite memorable.  To top it all off we add a perfect creamy and fluffy béchamel sauce with a dash of nutmeg and more parmesan cheese…   Feeds 2 Adults.


Smoked Ham and Potato Casserole  $8.00:  This Comfort food is simple and delicious.  We had some request to make it so here we are..  Made with Extra Virgin Olive oil and pure New Zealand Butter.  Now with more of everything!!  Cheese, Smoked Ham, potatoes, carrots and peas.  Blanched, boiled, roasted, and creamed this simple dish uses many different styles of cooking and the end result is always the same.  Delicious.  A Cheesy and wonderful combination  Feeds 1- 2 Adults


(GF)Chinese Beef and Broccoli  $8.00 (Now with less sodium):  Enjoy this classic take out dish.  Wonderful and tender beef tossed with blanched  crisp broccoli and mixed with a tangy and spicy Chinese sauce.  We changed our soy sauce brand and it made a wonderful difference in the saltiness of this dish.  I also tweaked this recipe to add a delicate sweetness to balance out the spicy.  It came out ridiculous.  Great over noodles or over white jasmine rice.  This dish will feed 2 adults. (Does not come with rice)  This is a medium Spicy Dish


Italian Panini  $5.00:  This tasty Panini has been a favorite from the beginning.  Fresh Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, smoked ham, and pastrami make up this delicious sandwich.  We brush the outsides with a delicious roasted garlic infused olive oil for that crispy Panini experience..  Perfect for a quick meal.  Big enough for 2 adults to share.


Mushroom smothered Pork chops and Mashed Potatoes  $10.00: This pork chop dish is ridiculous.  I had my butcher slice nice big chops so we could pan sear them in olive oil then allowed to braise in our very own Button, Crimini, and Portobello mushroom sauce.  With a handful of sautéed onions and roasted garlic this pork dish is loaded with flavor and is remarkably tender.  Smothered with our cream of mushroom soup and served with a side of creamed buttery mashed potatoes this meal feeds 2 adults. *(Contains Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup which has MSG in it)*


Thai Chicken Green Curry with Vegetables $8.00:  This amazing dish has wonderful spicy flavors that can only be described as "Thai done Right".  Tender and juicy thigh meat that has cooked in our curry paste with olive oil is tossed with spinach, red bell peppers, fresh ginger, garlic, and potatoes.  This green curry packs a load of flavor with the infusion of coconut milk.  Talk about awesome.  An exotic dish that fills your Thai craving.  This portion is for 1 -2 Adults and is best over Jasmine Rice (Jasmine Rice not included).  THIS IS A SPICY DISH 


(GF) Spicy Thai Penang Chicken $8.00:   Authentic Spicy Thai Curry with fresh galangal,  lemongrass, peppers, and so much more is added to coconut oil and stir fried.  The Chicken Thighs are sautéed in the curry oil and added to the sauce for a  wonderful Authentic Thai Dish.  This portion is for 1 or 2 Adults.  Comes with a kaffir and peanut garnish.  Serve over Jasmine rice, noodles, or even potatoes for a complete meal.  Let me know if you need Jasmine Rice.  ($1.00 per bag)  THIS IS A SPICY DISH



Cajun Chicken and Pork Sausage Jambalaya:  $8.00:  I couldn’t allow one more week to go by without making this amazing Cajun staple.  With Louisiana on my Mind I wanted to bring a dish that really represents the culture.  A taste of home for the season.  The requests for this dish have been quite overwhelming as well so here we go.  In Southwest Louisiana (my home town) where the last remaining Cajuns live we had this dish quite often.  The men would gather round the biggest pot they could find and start cooking.  I have kept this dish authentic Cajun so it's got a kick, but if you want a little extra heat feel free to spice it up!!  Tender and juicy thigh meat, pork sausage, Tasso, lots of celery, onions, and bell peppers make the essence of this dish come together.  If you want a real taste of Louisiana try this on for size..  (THIS is a medium Spicy Dish)



Italian Chicken Parmigiana  $9.00 :  Ready for a full bodied Italian dish?  This Chicken dish is right on track.  Lightly breaded chicken breasts that are pan fried then baked are served over a bed of Linguini Pasta that has been tossed and coated in our Carbonera sauce of Cream and eggs.  Finally the Chicken is covered in a special Parmigiana tomato sauce and coated with mozzarella cheese.  Back by popular demand.  Moist and tender.  Each dish feeds 2 Adults.   SOLD OUT


Angel Mushroom Chicken  $9.00: This delicious pasta dish has such a wonderful and mature taste that your senses will be awakened.  We tweaked the cream to balance out the flavors a bit more and I think you will find the combination delightful.  Popping with flavor this dish uses white wine,  top shelf cream cheese, fresh button mushrooms, and our home made Italian Dressing to slow cook chicken thighs till they are falling apart tender.  Served over a bed of Linguini Pasta this is a dinner for 2 adults. (This dish has condensed cream of mushroom soup in it which has a form of msg in it.) 


Chicken Leek and Mushroom Casserole $9.00:   Tender Chicken Thighs cooked in a white wine reduction sauce with crispy bacon, button mushrooms, and fresh leeks (Puerro).  This comfort food simply takes the cake in flavor.  Served with a generous portion of creamed mashed potatoes.  Now with more mushrooms, bacon, leeks and chicken!!  Feeds 2.

(GF) Chicken Tikka Masala $8.00 :  In the mood for some Indian food?  I was able to get my hands on some premium heavy cream from Anchor and I just had to make this classic Indian dish that is loaded with exotic flavors!  First we marinate white chicken breast in a yogurt spice sauce.  After a day or so we then grill them in olive oil and toss the chicken pieces in a cream tomato sauce that has wonderful herbs, exotic Indian seasonings, and fresh peppers..  Recommended to serve with Jasmine rice or noodles.  Let me know if you need any Jasmine rice (Cooked $1.00 per bag)  Mild-Medium Spicy.  **Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used to sauté veggies and cook chicken.  SOLD OUT

Creamy Tomato and Basil Soup $7.00 :  Enjoy this creamy soup with rich and complex flavors.  Make a quick grill cheese sandwich (Which pairs perfectly with this soup) or some crusty French bread..  I tossed in a couple croutons with some parmesan cheese and WOW.   Oyster crackers work well also...  Either way.  If you are feeling under the weather or want something to warm your spirit, this comfort food will bring you back home.  SOLD OUT 

(GF) Boquete Chili $8.00: I have made another batch due to the overwhelming requests.  We really appreciate the feedback by the way!!.  Using ground pork, bacon, ground beef, beer, beans and loads of great Chipotle spices we have created a chili masterpiece.  Medium Spicy and goes great over rice or by itself this chili will bring comfort to those “chili” rainy nights in Boquete.  Feeds 2 adults and has over 2 pounds of chili.  Serve with sour cream, green onions, and cheddar cheese


(V)(LF) Veggie Burgers  $2.00 each:  On a special request we are bringing back the veggie burgers.  We have made a fresh batch and they are sure to please.  I have to admit that this batch is quite possible the best it's ever come out.  We were able to fine tune our recipe and with the tweaks thia Veggie Burgher will knock your socks off.  Fresh roasted red peppers, olives, artichokes, red onions, chickpeas, black beans, and white beans, garlic, jalapenos, red onions and lots of exotic spices are just a few of the ingredients in this awesome patty..  Great texture and very moist...  Serve as a burger or eat by itself with salsa and sour cream (like I love to do).

(GF)Chicken Basque $8.00:   Back by popular demand this Spanish chicken dish has been slow cooked in a tomato base with nice chunks of smoked ham and seasoned with paprika and a dash of chili.  Fresh Herbs are added to bring this dinner together.  Tender thigh meat is used because of it’s incredible flavor and its ability to reheat perfectly and stay moist.  This dish is best over cooked rice and feeds 2 adults.  (Rice not included)




(GF) Hot Italian Sausage  $6.00 (1#):  A delicious combination of paprika, cayenne, fennel, anise, and other great spices that make this sausage a real wonderful addition to any spaghetti, lasagna, or meatballs.  Comes in a 1# block.



Cobb Salad  $7:    In the mood for a crisp and refreshing salad to start the week?  This salad just takes the cake.  Chicken, tomatoes, bacon, Bleu Cheese, eggs, onions.  A mix of 4 varieties of hydroponically grown lettuce and a house crafted original cob salad dressing…   This is a fresh salad and will be good for a couple days in the refrigerator. 




Cooked Jasmine Rice $1.00:  Each bag has pre-cooked rice ready for you to warm up and serve with your dinner.  Easy and no hassle


Banana Walnut    $5.00:   A great market Classic.  Sells out every time.  Moist and delicious full of perfectly ripe bananas and topped with walnuts. Freezes great.
Ready Bake Crescent Rolls  $5.00/ bag of 5:    This product is superb!!  Each order comes with 5 crescent rolls that have been frozen solid.  All you have to do is let them rise and bake them.  These fresh Crescent rolls are big enough for a sandwich!!  Ultra flakey and really tasty.   (Limited Quantity Available)

Brownies  $1:  Treat yourself to a chocolate blast.  4 Types of chocolate and with walnuts this dessert is for the serious chocolate lover

Cranberry Scones  $1:  Baked just before the market these beautiful scones are perfect for a quick breakfast or snack on the go.  Loaded with fruit you will find these scones to be light and delicious.

Baklava  $1.00:  Gooey and crispy and delicious.  Using exotic spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, rose water, and orange zest this Baklava has such a wonderful and traditional flavor with a gourmet twist


Thanks for reading
 Eric and Cecelia

6866-0072 (Panama Cell)

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