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Anti-vaccine fanatics cause child deaths

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Anti-vaccine fanatics  cause child deaths


Posted 03/06/2020

One of the undesirable effects of the caution of the population before Covid-19 has been to discontinue compliance with the vaccination cycle, both for infants and adults. Although Panama maintains good numbers regarding vaccination against influenza, experts warn that at the international level the vaccines that children should receive are not being applied for fear of adults being infected with the coronavirus. Interestingly, while waiting for an effective vaccine to end the pandemic, many diseases that already have it and whose risk of contagion can increase if the vulnerable population do not receive it in time, are being neglected. Child inoculation has faced many ignorant and fanatical attacks from spokespeople and supporters of the anti-vaccine movement, which has led to innocent infants in the most developed countries having had to suffer a lot of suffering unnecessarily. If there is a clear and priority lesson from the current pandemic, it is that a prevention injection is always better than an uncertain therapy accompanied by tears. Vaccines give life.- LA PRENSA, June 3



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