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My name is Stacey and I will be moving to Boquete (from Los Angeles) around March next year. As such I have a ton of questions. I was in contact with admin who suggested that I post these questions.

1. What are the best banks that would allow me to access money from my  LA account?
2. I understand there are some global banks that have no maximum withdrawals and will reimburse for the ATM fees.  Do you know what banks?
3. Is it necessary to have a Panamanian Bank account?
4. What else would I need to know that I'm not thinking of.

Shipping and mail
1. I'm going to be shipping things to Boquete from LA. What is the best way for me to do that?
2. How do I arrange to receive mail?
3. What else would I need to know that I'm not thinking of.

Buying a car
1. How do I go about purchasing a car?

1. What is the best way to find a rental while still in LA?

That's it for now. I appreciate your help



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Your questions are reasonable and logical, but it suggests that you are planning to move to Boquete without having done your homework. Maybe I am interpreting your questions incorrectly.

My recommendation and response to your questions is that you first should go to Boquete and scope things out for yourself. Plan to spend at least a month, or possibly two or three before making such a huge decision - unless you have tons of money to burn. But if that were the case then you wouldn't be asking the banking questions that you ask. Everyone has their own opinion and own experiences and own goals, so you need to do this footwork in person.

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Plan at least a couple of weeks here before you pull the plug there.   You won't regret that.  COVID is causing change .   Change happens here normally.  Some questions answered here now might be different when you decide to move here. Residents VISA.  No mention of VISA?.  You will need one.  Opening a bank account right here and now is not as easy as you are used to there in L.A.  There are folks that function here without a bank account.  You must rely on ATM transactions.  Mail here is received by private mail forwarder...MailBoxes Etc is one.  There are ample home rentals available here.....look them over on your scout visit. Buying a car?...That's the easiest, money talks. 

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Thanks for your reply and suggestions.

Yes, I will be getting my visa through a lawyer in Panama
Everywhere in the world has changed because of COVID (what an astounding statement).
These questions are one way I am reaching out in order to "do my homework"
I've already stayed in Boquete for a month so I'm happy with my decision to move there.
It would be great if you could provide me with contact information for Mailboxes ETC.



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Hi Stacey.  I think you are the L.A. Stacey that I know and met you when you were here!    I am happy to answer all of your questions and tell you how I am handling things after being here for about 3 years. Just email me as you have done before.  Looking forward to having you here!

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