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Avalanche kills two, destroys 7 homes, May 5th, Villa Maria area

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Avalanche kills two, destroys 7 homes


Posted 05/05/2020

A landslide in  Villa María  a part of the city known as the Corridor of the Poor, Killed a mother and her son on Tuesday, May 5. Three survivors were rescued by emergency first responders. Six other homes were severely damaged

The avalanche followed heavy rains on Monday. With more predicted for the next 48 hours.

Panama Fire Department personnel arrived in the avalanche area at  5 am. followed by the National Police and officials of the Civil Protection System (Sinaproc).

Recovery efforts had to be suspended at 6.27 am when there was a second landslide.



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udicial - 05/5/20 - 06:30 AM

Sinaproc busca a personas desaparecidas tras alud en Villa María

Durante la inspección, el Cuerpo de Bomberos detectó que hay un tanque del Idaan que emanaba gran cantidad de agua, lo que pudo provocar el alud.



Redacción nacion.pa@epasa.com @panamaamerica

El director del Sistema Nacional de Protección, Carlos Rumbo, informó sobre las labores de búsqueda de la personas reportadas como desaparecidas, tras derrumbe de tierra en Villa María, Corredor de los Pobres.

En lugar también se encuentra personal del Cuerpo de Bomberos, quien informó de forma extraoficial de dos víctimas fatales. 

"Reporte indica que el alud de tierra fue a las 5 de la mañana afectando una casa, al llegar el personal, se produce un segundo alud a las 6:27 a.m.", informó el Cuerpo de Bomberos.

El subteniente del Cuerpo de Bomberos, Ricardo Pérez, explicó que durante la inspección se pudo corrobarar que en el área hay un tanque de agua del Idaan que está emanando gran cantidad de agua. 

El personal de rescate está a la espera de que llegue personal del Idaan para que cierre las llaves del tanque para que deje de botar agua y así proceder al rescate de las víctimas.


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judicial - 05/05/20 - 06:30 AM
Sinaproc searches for missing persons after avalanche in Villa María

During the inspection, the Fire Department detected that there is an Idaan tank that was emitting large amounts of water, which could have caused the avalanche.

Fire Department / IDAAN / Panama / Sinaproc

Drafting nacion.pa@epasa.com @panamaamerica

The director of the National Protection System, Carlos Rumbo, reported on the search for people reported missing, after the landslide in Villa María, Corredor de los Pobres.

In place is also staff of the Fire Department, who unofficially reported two fatalities.

"Report indicates that the landslide was at 5 in the morning affecting a house, when the personnel arrive, a second landslide occurs at 6:27 a.m.", reported the Fire Department.

The Second Lieutenant of the Fire Department, Ricardo Pérez, explained that during the inspection it was confirmed that there is an Idaan water tank in the area that is emitting a large amount of water.

Rescue personnel are waiting for Idaan personnel to arrive to close the tank taps to stop dumping water and thus proceed to the rescue of the victims.



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