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DogCamp! How you can help?


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Dear friends,
Thank you so much for your very generous donation to 
DogCamp Boquete Foundation. 
With the help of members like you, DogCamp can stay 
strong in defense of helpless dogs. 
This is a critical time for Panama and many countries 
around the world. DogCamp needs the ongoing support 
of people like yourself to continue saving lives. 
We are currently taking care of 40 dogs at the shelter
and another 12 living with our wonderful fosters. 
Rescuing a dog is HARD !
It's hard to see them arrive battered, abandoned, or 
starving. Sometimes, it is just as hard to watch them 
leave, even to the best of homes. 
However, for DogCamp, adoptions are critical to give 
our dogs the opportunity to have a forever home and 
a loving family. 
Additionally, adoptions allow us to make room for the 
many more dogs in need of loving care. 
Contact us dogcampboquete@gmail.com / 69659423 
Remember, often the difference between life and death is you !
Thank you so much for your donations. 
DogCamp Boquete Foundation 
Javier, Magaly and the rescued dogs !
For donations, please use this PayPal from our friend Kirsten  https://paypal.me/kirstenmiaquimby (include a note please saying DogCamp)
Or you can go by La Granja Boquetena and buy dog food or give a donation to our donation Casita or buy cat food (to help our good friends Kirsten and Ray who feed more than 170 cats and continue rescuing cats), you only need to mention DogCamp
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