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PriceSmart Shoppers, hang in there

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Last night I received a note from Melissa, Senior Vice President at PriceSmart.  I asked her about whether PriceSmart only accepts their own credit card since now they're on a no cash basis.  I'm sharing portions of her responses because of the frustrations members have expressed over the availability of favorite items.  Shoppers aren't the only frustrated and/or challenged ones!


"PriceSmart accepts different credit cards, not exclusively PriceSmart cards.  I hope you have a good experience at the club when you visit us.  The retail world is spinning right now with how the virus has totally changed people's shopping habits, in such a drastic way.  We have been working tirelessly to sort this out.  And trying to do it in the 13 different countries where we operate makes it especially challenging.  The governments are all responding in different ways.  These are the biggest challenges I have ever faced in my 15 years at PriceSmart : )"

I have not asked Melissa's permission to share this, but since it opens a bit of a window to the operations to one of our most frequented stores, and one for which we maintain high expectations, I took the liberty.

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