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Boquete Take Out Restaurants / Para Llevar Restaurantes


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Thank you for sending out this information. You may want to include Papa Rico's (across from BCP and the Feria) if you do an update. Papa Rico's has great calzones and pizzas (and friendly service and great prices).
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On 3/18/2020 at 8:38 AM, Keith Woolford said:

Rico's is on the list, left column.

Iris and Bill have opened a second location in Alto Boquete, just north of IVAN's

Thanks. I missed it. Guess I am getting too old.

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On a related matter, I called La Posada just now for a "to go" pizza, and they have told me that their restaurant is now closed, as in shut down (hopefully only temporarily). It was NOT where they are going to open later today, but they are closed until this pandemic thing is history.

Can someone confirm that I did not misunderstand the Spanish?

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Not having a good experience here. Beginning to look like a good idea that went south.

La Posada restaurant is now closed. I tried four other places on this list and none answered their phone.

Will just stay home and have leftovers.

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Not giving up on the "to go" restaurant service, we had a wonderful experience yesterday (Wednesday, April 1st) with Big Daddy's Grill.

I called Big Daddy's (using their WhatsApp cell number of 6250-1948), and it was Chef Chris himself who answered. Chris told me that they are still providing the service, but that there is a minimal delivery fee. There are four main menu items for the delivery service: spare ribs, burrito (two varieties of chicken or beef), chicken wings with a choice of different sauces, and something else which I did not write down. We opted for the spare ribs and chicken wings (Buffalo wings, not the hot stuff). Chris told me after checking for a moment that they were out of ribs, but that he would substitute a whole roasted chicken. I said yes to the roasted chicken and chicken wings dinners.

A short time later I got a WhatsApp text from Chris as to the total charge, including delivery fee (which turned out to be $2.00). Delivery would be approximately 5:00PM.

A few minutes before 5:00PM a white Chevrolet appeared at our entrance gate. Bryan was the delivery guy (he's a veteran who is helping Chris make these deliveries), and out of the passenger side popped Chris himself. They both were wearing masks and gloves. Our food orders were delivered in two large, heavy duty paper sacks. Things were still quite warm, and the aromas from the sacks were enticing.

Warning: if you take advantage of these delivery options from Big Daddy's, be advised that the servings are large, and the side orders (in our case they were mashed potatoes and gravy, plus red beans and rice for our roasted chicken order) are large also. In fact, the side orders for the roasted chicken are JI-NORM-US (for those who don't speak Texan, that means enormous). We have enough food from this one delivery to feed the both of us for several meals.

Recommendation: if you wish to take advantage of this restaurant delivery service I recommend that you call late morning to midday. Suggest that you not call at 4:00PM and ask for delivery by 4:30PM. Give them a chance to plan and schedule things.

Below are the front and back of the Big Daddy's business card that came with our food order.




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5 hours ago, Bajareque said:

It would be great if somebody would keep the list updated so we know which restaurants are really open for delivery or takeout.

Now there's a job for YOU !!!!!!!!!!!   we'd all love it. 

(Bud here at CL?...he's been  pretty busy)

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The other day 3 families from Boquete Country Club placed dinner orders.  Each of us placed our own orders with Chris so we could specify any special add-ons or requirements and he told us what our individual costs would be.  The 3 families coordinated a time for delivery.  Ordering from one gated community made it easy and quick for them to get our meals delivered hotter than if they had to go to different communities.  All of us were overwhelmed at the size of the orders and how delicious.  We had enough for another days meal.  Big Daddys has added more items on the delivery menu including a plant based hamburger to die for.    Sent an order to our housekeeper (single mother of 3) the same day.  They really enjoyed it.  LETS KEEP THESE BUSINESSES WORKING.


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