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Drivers Licenses expiring in March 2020, But What About Revisados and Placas

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Moderator comment: An unedited automated translation of the above announcement posted by @Keith Woolford.


The Transit Authority and Terrestrial Transportation, conscious of the instructions and recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health regarding the COVID-19 virus and the mitigation measures to be adopted by public institutions. communicates to the public in general, that all driving licenses with a validity date in March 2020 will come from the date, grants them an extension in their surveillance until April 30, 2020.

The foregoing, with the objective that the people who are in the status of renewal due to expiration do not have to attend the SERTRACEN facilities, to finalize their completion in March.

This measure was reported to the Directorate of Transit Operations of the National Police and to the inspectors of the ATTT.
Managing Director


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Hurrah... i was headed there Wednesday, after checking to see if their office was going to be open. This is good news.

Plus, while being at the end of a long line at Romero s, I and another gentleman of "a certain age", were ushered to the front of the line. Being a Jublilado has its benefits.

Also want to thank Bud and Marcelyn for their suggestion of having something with your address here in Boquete , in your car, for  the Check Point at Caldera,  just in case.



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wow thanks for the info .they made a mistake on my passport number and sertracen would not give me my license which expires in 7 days . i was the last customer at the embassy march 16th when they closed.  what an episode. just a note on visiting the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Panama city. they would not let me in because i had short pants on. good thing i had my Panamanian friend Stanly the pizza driver with me. he took care of it all there 



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  • Moderator_02 changed the title to Drivers Licenses expiring in March 2020, But What About Revisados and Placas

Today (April 7) News.Boquete sent out a translation of the official government policy concerning both drivers licenses and car plates that could not be renewed because of the shutdown.. You can subscribe to these news releases coming directly into your email inbox by sending your complete name to news.boquete@gmail.com. See the topic here:



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My car is registered in Panama City. I had someone there that normally sends me my plate pay for my new plate at the end of last month, however the person tells me that they are behind on manufacturing the plates. I find it odd that I can't even get a sticker or something indicating the new expiration.

All I have right is a photo of the receipt for the new plate on my phone if I should get pulled over.

Does anyone have verification or comment on this situation.



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Our vehicle is registered here in Boquete. During our twenty years here there have been about four instances of vehicle license plates not being available. The first time that happened I was quite stressed. But then friends gave me a tip -- TIP, meaning This Is Panama. Not a big deal. Also, no plate means no sticker; they go together.

What you need to protect yourself if stopped by authorities is a letter prepared by your licensing office to the effect that your registration is current but they have no plates. I am not aware of a standardized template for these kinds of letters. The police understand the situation. A copy of your paid receipt is nice, but may not be accepted. What you need, to the best of my knowledge and as mentioned previously, is the letter from the licensing office.

I recommend having that letter in paper form, but the police might accept it as a digital image.

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