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Antonin Scallia and the future of the U.S.


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For all of you who so smugly say that all U.S. parties are the same and it doesn't make any difference who gets elected, I have just two words for you -- Supreme Court.

The long term future of the U.S. will be vastly different depending on who gets appointed to fill the newly vacated position.

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I wish his family and loved ones the peace that surpasseth all understanding, secure in the knowledge that Justice Scallia held the courage of his own convictions, and acted accordingly.


That being said, nobody has called upon me to fill those shoes, an unfortunate oversight which I hope for the good of all will be remedied soon. It sounds like a good gig. I promise to be tough but fair. Which is to say, I've got my buddies' backs, and woe be unto mine enemies. That's just the way the cookie crumbles. This here's America, by gum!


Please refer to me henceforth as "Mr. Superb".


Grinding slowly,



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