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If I am not mistaken this is some minor socialism at work. Those with means are paying a bit into a fund so that minimal users can be subsidized.


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14 hours ago, Bonnie said:

I just received my electricity bill from UF on which there is a credit labeled Fondo Tarifario de Occidente. My Spanish is pretty good, and I have access to some good translation machines, but I can't figure out what this is. Can anyone help, please?

Keith, For users of 400 kWh or more which they say is 80% of the users.  Wow.    Our bill averages at about 270 kWh or so.  That said we had a tag added to our bill that was labeled as " guarantee of payment...additional deposit" .  Our usual $25 bill was over $60.  We paid it. More subsidy I guess  Keith.

Bonnie...did they explain it to you? Seems strange.

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