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BCP Tuesday Talks

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10:30 in the BCP Theater

Immediately on your right across the Feria Bridge


Tuesday, February 11 – Boquete Health and Hospice The BHH Healthy Living Series presents Falls Prevention Awareness

Falls are the number one reason people end up in the emergency room. The facts about falls are alarming - and probably surprising:

·         One in three adults over the age of 64 falls each year.

·         Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in Florida residents over the age of 64.

·         Every hour there are 2 deaths and 251 emergency room visits in the US because of a fall.

·         20 - 30% of older adults who fall sustain serious injury.

·         Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury, fractures and hospitalization in older adults.

·         Even falls without an injury can limit one's mobility and/or cause fear of falling.

Come to the BHH presentation on Falls Prevention Awareness to see what you can do to avoid a fall.

 Presenters:  Merl Will-Wallace and Chuck High

 Merl has over 45 years in healthcare including management of home care operations for the placement of home equipment and safety.

 Chuck  is a retired Occupational Therapist who has seen a variety of conditions caused by falls. Usually, they are bumps and bruises but if the angles are right and your luck is bad, you can break a hip, arm, or worse. So please listen to our information about falls prevention, and some of the tools used to stay safe and upright!



Tuesday, February 18 – Dr. Paul Myers – Volcan Baru, Up Close & Personal 


New photos and forecasts of what will probably happen when he wakes up.   

 Moderator:  Sheila Strunk

Tuesday, February 25 - Salvadores de Animales – (SALDEA) – Pet Adoption Service – A talk by members of the group: Diane Englerth, Dilia Luciani, Jeri Siegel and Mary Taft.  This talk has been rescheduled from December.


Tuesday, March 3 – Dietary Myths That Just Won’t Die but may Kill  You – Dr. Ted Harrison.

Does fat make you fat? Are carbs good or bad? Is red meat unhealthy? Will salt give you high blood pressure? Is there any diet that actually works? Should I be taking vitamins? Dr. Harrison will discuss a dozen or so dietary controversies and examine both the evidence and the “fake news”.

Dr. Harrison is board-certified in regenerative medicine and emergency medicine.  His practice, Rejuvacare PC, is located in Port Angeles, Washington.

 Moderator:  Diane Schramm

Tuesday, March 10 – Quantum Theory for the Layman – Mike Petersen – For more than 100 years, the world of the quantum has been portrayed as being totally weird and mysterious. Richard Feynman, who won a Nobel prize for his work in Quantum Mechanics in 1967, was quoted as saying, “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don’t understand quantum mechanics.” Well, if a Nobel prize winner says that, what is the layman to do?  Come to this talk, that’s what! The quantum world will be explained in terms you can understand, and without using mathematics.

Mike Petersen has a B.S. in mathematics and has loved science, especially cosmology and Quantum Mechanicsever since he can remember. He was a volunteer speaker at more than one planetarium covering topics like Relativity, the Big Bang and more.

Moderator:  Nikki Steele

Tuesday, March 17 – Boquete Rotary Club – Teri Nowak - The Rotary Club is involved in many charitable works in the community.  Come hear their presentation and get involved in one or more of their projects that benefit the area!

Moderator:  Nikki Steele

Tuesday, March 24 – Mayor of Boquete, Joswar Alvarado

 Moderator:  Soraya Kendrick

Tuesday, March 31 – Boquete Health and Hospice- The BHH Health Living series Being Prepared

Whether you are a resident, snowbird, or visitor, you will want to understand the local services and legal requirements if you find yourself in a health situation: simple or critical and life-threatening.  We expect a full house so please come early.

 Presenters: Betty Landis and Charlotte Lintz

 Moderator: Joanie Feuerstein

Tuesday, April  7 – Plastics Recycling – Brian Sherwin will talk about the global recycling crisis and talk about solutions we can implement in Boquete.

 Moderator:  Debe Emerson

Tuesday, April 14 – Immigration, the Pensionado Visa and  Friendly Nations Visa – Miranda & Contreras Law Offices.  Lawyers in this Boquete Law office have years of experience with the immigration process which they will discuss.

 Moderator: Nikki Steele

Tuesday, April 21 – Denese Rodgers and her husband, Stuart Bailey – A talk on their experiences driving from Atlanta to Panama three times, in 2011, 2017 and 2018.  Come hear about their experiences!

 Moderator:  Louise Orr

Tuesday, April 28 –  TBD

 Moderator: Nikki Steele

Tuesday, May 5 – TBD

Tuesday, May 12 – Boquete Health and Hospice - The BHH Healthy Living Series

 Moderator: Joanie Feuerstein


To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings, please email talks@eventsboquete.org

To become a vendor at the Tuesday market,   Facility Manager

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