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Interesting Statistics About the Coffee Industry


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I live within 20 feet of coffee trees. We frequently talk about and sometimes boast about the specialty coffees from Boquete. I just presumed (should've known better) that Panama was a a major player in the coffee industry. Well, according to a recent website article, it appears that Panama is anything but. Please understand that I am not knocking the coffee industry, and especially not the coffee industry in Panama. I was just kinda dumbstruck to read that Panama is at the bottom of the list of Central American coffee production, and not even close to the next higher source. Am I overlooking something or misinterpreting these data (which admittedly has not been verified by me, but I have no reason to question these data)?


Honduras remains the largest coffee exporter in the region [meaning Central America], with 281,205 MT sold abroad in the period in question, followed by Guatemala, with 170,894 MT, Nicaragua, with 100,133 MT, Costa Rica, with 64,004 MT, El Salvador, with 33,686 MT, and Panama, with 1,595 MT.

Total production in terms of metric tons is increasing. Good news.

Here is a link to the full article:


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Panama has no coherent plan to market it's coffee. Basically, that means no "Juan Valdez" and no marketing budget. Panama has SCAP (Specialty Coffee Association Producers -- or something like that) but to the best of my knowledge they have no cohesive marketing plan.

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