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Protecting the protected


Posted 05/04/2021

Once again, the Supreme Court of Justice - this time in a ruling drawn up by magistrate Hernán de León - justifies unjustifiable actions by denying the admission of a constitutional guarantee against the decision of a first instance judge that prohibited this medium from publishing photographs and investigating the case against the lawyer Janio Lescure, when in a recording in Spain he boasted of how he bought rulings and magistrates of the Supreme Court of Panama.  This is how some magistrates extend their protective mantle to the merchant, at the same time that they endorse the arbitrary prohibition of this medium from practicing journalism, thus restricting their freedom to express themselves, a fundamental and inherent part of the human being. It is surprising how, in the 21st century, when a democracy is supposed to reign in Panama there are still public servants who belong to prehistory, whose idea of justice is the same as that of a dictator. But his action goes beyond his obvious ignorance of human rights. What underlies is not as hidden as they would like, since it is obvious that, by protecting the big mouth, its protectors are also protected. LA PRENSA, Apr. 5



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Seems like a step in the right direction to reduce the attractiveness of corruption. I still maintain that corruption is never going to be eliminated. At least someone is trying.

....sigh.  Well, as it seems to be rolling everywhere. ....the COVID catastrophe has brought out the worst ( and best.....) of mankind.  Dark times brought out  a few roaches. Meanwhile there are

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‘Punishment’ a disappearing word


Posted 11/04/2021

‘Punishment’  a disappearing word

How can it be justified that the judicial processes related to the embezzlement and embezzlement of the funds of the disappeared National Aid Program (PAN) during the administration of Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014) are still pending resolution? How to trust a justice that arrives so late or never arrives? So much delay is unforgivable. The judges, graciously, submit to the calendars of the defense attorneys, who undermine the processes with appeals, appeals, annulments and how many tools they have at hand to take them to the limit, and then demand their extinction. They are trials that do not reach the bottom, they are resolved by tying the judges' hands, because the system is made to promote impunity, especially in these crimes. Defense attorneys are within their rights, But the system has crossed its arms, it does not defend itself: it is not punished for delaying or for cramming the courts with irrelevant appeals. They are simply not sanctioned, and for that reason they do what they want. So, how can we believe that justice exists in Panama? Let's not complain that we never get off gray or black lists. It is that we do everything possible to stay in them. The word punishment is disappearing from the Panamanian vocabulary.- LA PRENSA, Apl. 11



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OPINION: Distorting  the news


Posted 12/04/2021

The team that leads the defense of former President Ricardo Martinelli tends to distort, minimize, deny or divert the news about their client, who also practices the same strategy, for which he uses his propaganda media. What they do not consider is that on each occasion, they are the ones who are denied, so their credibility is always in question.

 It is a pity that foreign courts are the ones that take seriously the investigations of money laundering and other crimes that many judges in Panama discard as if they were garbage. There is more diligence in these processes than in Panama, and that accurately depicts the kind of justice we have in this country, hijacked by subjects who fear losing political and economic power or who see in their decisions an easy way to make money. The scandals in which the former president and his family are mentioned include Brazil, Italy, Andorra, Switzerland, Spain, the United States. So much mention cannot be a coincidence or the work of the supposed “political persecution” that they cackle so much about. The facts speak for themselves: money a lot, confessions of repentants and whistleblowers, documentation. But they only know how to repeat trite complaints that some buy knowing what is behind them. LA PRENSA, Apr. 12



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