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Significant pandemic milestones:

  • February 21st: Likely transfer of coronavirus from a teacher (who had traveled to Europe)  to Panama's first coronavirus death victim (Norato González); Click Here
  • March 3rd: Resolution passed raising national alert level regarding coronavirus epidemic; Click Here
  • March 8th: First confirmed coronavirus death (Norato González) in Panama; Click Here
  • March 9th: First confirmed case of coronavirus in Panama; not the date of case arrival in Panama, but the date the coroniavirus link was confirmed; Click Here
  • March 12th: President Cortizo declares a a national state of emergency; Click Here
  • March 15th: Certain business hours regulated, elective surgeries and routine medical consults suspended; Click Here
  • March 15th: Several provinces invoke a "dry law" (banning sales of alcoholic beverages) and implementing curfews; Chiriqui Province included; Click Here
  • March 15th: Foreigners banned from entering Panama; Click Here
  • March 17th: Countrywide curfew (9:00PM to 5:00AM) mandated; Click Here
  • March 22nd: All commercial flights into and out of Panama suspended; Click Here
  • March 23rd: Countrywide curfew (5:00PM to 5:00AM) mandated; Click Here
  • March 25th: Countrywide quarantine with restricted mobility mandated; sales of alcoholic beverages banned; Click Here
  • May 11th: Effective date of lifting the ban on the sales of alcoholic beverages; Click Here
  • May 13th: The gradual reopening of certain categories of business; Click Here
  • May 18th: People are authorized to leave their homes to exercise outdoors, but on a short lease; Click Here
  • June 1st: Quarantine lifted, but a 7:00PM to 5:00AM curfew is in effect; Click Here
  • June 3rd: Hardware stores reopen with limited hours; Click Here
  • June 6th and June 8th: Curfew/mobility restrictions elevated for Panama, Panama Oeste, and Veragaus regions; Click Here and Click Here
  • July 25th: Full weekend quarantine (lockdown) re-implemented for Panama; Click Here
  • July 27th: More restrictive mobility constraints including gender restrictions re-implemented, including Chiriqui Province; Click Here and Click Here
  • August 14th: Tocumen International Airport begins to open up to limited flights; Click Here
  • August 17th: Some "Block 3" businesses will be permitted to start operations; Click Here
  • September 14th: Relaxation of mobility constraints for all but three provinces; Chiriqui, Colon, and Bocas del Toro constraints continue; Click Here
  • September 28th: Restaurants and inns reopen providing they follow Minsa guidelines; Click Here
  • October 12th: Cinemas, swimming pools, and casinos allowed to reopen, and borders reopened; Click Here and Click Here
  • October 24th: All quarantines lifted and curfews standardized across the country and relaxed to 11:00PM until 5:00AM; Click Here

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Recovered Covid-19 patients still suffer symptoms


Posted 23/10/2020

Five clinics have been opened in Panama to deal with post-Covid-19 patients who are part of a significant number of people in the world who continue to suffer health problems after having overcome the initial infection.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) says that since the pandemic began in March, just over 102,000 patients have recovered from Covid-19 in the country. However, some suffer from sequelae, such as shortness of breath or excessive fatigue.

Until October 19, the five clinics enabled by the Social Security Fund (CSS) to care for patients who overcame the virus received 560 people, of which 519 said they had conditions after their recovery.

A Ministry report details that, of those 372 of those treated were isolated in their homes, which surprises the health authorities, since this group suffered from the least aggressive form of the virus.

Among the most frequent complaints reported by patients are excessive tiredness, muscle and joint pain, shortness of breath and weakness.

Pulmonologists, such as Reynaldo Chandler, have stated that one of the main sequelae of the virus is pulmonary fibrosis (scars in the lungs), which causes the person to become agitated or feel lack of oxygen.

Calculations from the Pan American Health Organization reveal that 40% of Covid-19 cases develop mild ailments (fever, cough, dyspnea, fatigue, diarrhea, and headache), while another 40% have moderate symptoms (pneumonia). 15% develop severe clinical manifestations (severe pneumonia) that require oxygen support, and the remaining 5%, critical clinical pictures.




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Get used to the weekend lockdowns.  My contact told me before Easter that Panama would be locking down the weekends. THEN, the notices from the US Embassy said, if you go back and read them, satu

That is recklessly false.  Right now there are two cruise ships where all passengers are quarantined.  Given how rotovirus spreads in a cruise ship environment, those ships are not a good place to be,

All of these efforts might slow the spread of the virus, but I don't see how it's going to stop it.  You can definitely have the virus and not be showing any symptoms.  Screening at airports or other

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Only 20 can attend Panama schools’ flag raising events


Posted 23/10/2020

Panama  schools will be able to carry out a brief act of raising the flag to “honor the homeland” on Independence days, since activities such as national parades are suspended by the pandemic No more than 20 people may attend the event, including students, parents and teachers Health  Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, said on  Friday, October 23, 

“For Panamanians, one of the things that motivates us a lot to celebrate are the national holidays, Christmas and carnivals. Unfortunately the virus, this time, is not going to let us celebrate the national holidays as we would like, "he said


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Taskforce and medics check near-empty waterfronts


Posted 24/10/2020

Members of the joint task force and from the Ministry of Health traceability teams conducted tours of several beaches in the Pacific and Caribbean beaches to verify that merchants and visitors were complying with biosafety regulations.

The deputy commissioner of the National Police Javier Sánchez said that that in his tour of 12 beaches in the San Carlos sector few visitors were seen

Members of Operation Ocean 2020 visited beaches in Veracruz, San Carlos, Taboga, Santa Clara and Farallón.

Personnel of the Ministry of Health also visited several beaches in the province of Colón.



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Restaurant fined and closed for flouting covid rules


Posted 24/10/2020

A restaurant in Downtown Plaza, Costa del Este was immediately closed  and the owners fined after a joint operation by  the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (Mici), the Ministry of Health, and the National Police Israel Cedeño, director of the metropolitan health region, said that during the visit they found several faults in the biosecurity measures established to stop the spread of Covid-19.

On the premises, there was an agglomeration of people, with no adequate distancing.

In addition, people were without masks and the staff in the restaurant did not enforce compliance with their use.

Cedeño told La Prensa that the owners were given  15 days to correct the faults. If not, the file goes from the health center to the metropolitan region meaning the fine would increase Meanwhile "on Monday they must pay a fine" that was imposed on them.

Cedeño said that starting Saturday, they will carry out operations in the Veracruz area, after the reactivation, of family activities on beaches and rivers, were authorized.

Visitors will be randomly tested on the beaches to determine whether or not they have Covid-19, he added.



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14 fined for breaching guidelines on re-opened beaches


Posted 25/10/2020

Although over 27,000 vehicles traveled to the interior on the weekend, only 1,500 headed to the beaches or rivers which were reopened after a seven-month hiatus.

The Ministry of Security reported that during operations, carried out over the weekend 17 people were brought before justices of the peace; 14 of them for not using the mask and three for drinking liquor.

“Each was fined $100 and we will continue to be vigilant that these guidelines are met, ”said Police Commissioner  Arroyavez.



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