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Goldilocks and the three bears


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¿Conoce a Ricitos de oro y los tres osos? Ahora, llegan a la Biblioteca de Boquete con una nueva aventura en versión teatro: Ricitos de oro no quiere ir a la escuela. Con esta obra, dirigida a todo público, podrá pasar un agradable momento en familia y mostrar a los(as) pequeñitos(as) de la casa  cómo el teatro es otra de las formas en que podemos conocer y disfrutar una historia. 

A partir de las 11:00 a.m., asista este sábado 09 de noviembre a la Biblioteca de Boquete  y conozca, en compañía de los consentidos de la casa, por qué Ricitos de oro no quiere ir a la escuela. ¡Les esperamos!

Entrada general: B/.2.00 (menores de 6 años entran gratis).


Do you know Goldilocks and the three bears? Now, they come to Boquete’s Library with a new adventure on theatrical version: Goldilocks does not want to go to the school. With this play, for all audiences, you can enjoy a nice moment with your family, and you can show to the little ones of your home, how the theater is another way in which we can learn and enjoy a story.

From 11:00p.m, you can assist this Saturday, November 09th to Boquete’s Library and learn, accompanied by the spoiled ones of the house, why Goldilocks doesn’t want to go to the school. We will be waiting for you!

General Admission: $2.00 (For children under 6 years old the access is free)


(The play will be only in Spanish)

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This was a delightful little play, obviously geared toward children. (I think I was the only  -- and oldest -- gringa who attended!)  Presented, of course, in Spanish, with wonderfully exaggerated acting and sight gags, it seemed to captivate the "littles" in the audience.  Despite my own lack of fluency in Spanish, my familiarity with the classic story of Goldilocks enabled me to follow along and enjoy. 

Our biblioteca is a treasure for "children of all ages".  I urge us all to take advantage of it!

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