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Two triple homicides in Veraguas bloodbath


Posted 03/11/2019

At least four people are under arrest following two triple homicides in  48 hours in Veraguas

Homicide Prosecutor, Alexis Medina, confirmed that there are several   investigated for their alleged involvement in a triple homicide on, Saturday, November 2 , in Rodeo Viejo de Soná, Veraguas

Medina said that Public Ministry personnel are in Soná to collect data and try to locate the murder weapon and the alleged killers, one recently released from jail, were to be transferred to the capital city.

One woman, a  10-year old girl, and a  man, were killed and there are two wounded.

President Laurentino Cortizo, said that the triple homicides are related to the seizure of more than 1,000 kilos seized last week in  the Panamanian Pacific.

On Thursday a Chilean family  Carlos Abdiel Barroso  44 and two sisters Cinthia Cocherán 22 Martínez and Rosa Martínez23 were executed in Las Palmas de Veraguas.



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Seventh body found in Veraguas after spate of killings


Posted 03/11/2019

The Public Ministry has opened an investigation into the death of a seventh person found dead in Veraguas.

The latest victim is a 30-year-old  man whose body was found on Sunday morning near his home in the El Forestal neighborhood.  Investigators have not ruled out homicide, as traces of blood were found on his hands.

The other six deaths were in two triple homicides. In the first case, the bodies were found on the road that leads to the district of Las Palmas, while in the second, the bodies were found in Los Algarrobos de Rodeo Viejo.

The Public Ministry, in a press conference, on Sunday, November 3 inVeraguas, said that investigations of all cases are continuing.



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Five in detention for triple slaughter


Posted 04/11/2019

Five people, three men and two women charged with homicide, wrongful association to and attempted homicide following a  triple murder at 1,30 pm on  Saturday, November  2   in Soná, Veraguas. Investigators have six months to complete their work

Other people  are being investigated as accomplices of the event, including two minors,

La Critica reported that one of the accused is cooperating with the authorities and after being arrested at 11 pm on Saturday gave information of the place where the weapon used in the triple crime was located. Killed were  Otilia Sánchez Santos, 46; Milagros del Carmen Aponte Sánchez, 16; and Tomás Mela Quintero, 66. Two more people - one of them a 10-year-old infant are in hospital with gunshot wounds.

Veraguas has been shaken with two triple homicides, the first on Thursday in the community of Canacillas, and the other on Saturday, for which the arrests were made. A seventh  suspicious death  in Veraguas on Sunday is under investigation



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Triple killer told victims he was paid $90,000


Posted 05/11/2019

Witnesses  of the execution of three people in Soná, in Veraguas, on Saturday afternoon recounted in court that the alleged killer said that they had to die because he was paid  $90,000 to kill them.

During the hearing before a judge of Guarantees on Monday, November 4, the preventive detention of  Gavino Paz, 33, resident in Tocumen and  the alleged murderer was ordered along with his  alleged accomplices Francisco Martínez31, Néstor Atencio, 34, Sofía González, 25. and Vanessa Castillo, 37 all residing in the capital.

There are two minors allegedly involved in the case.

The victims were identified as Otilia Sánchez, 46, Milagro del Carmen Aponte, 16, and Tomás Mela Quintero, 66, shot in Los Algarrobos, Soná, in Veraguas.

Long sentence 

Prosecutor, Alexis Medina said that the Public Ministry has enough elements of conviction so that the five suspects of the horrific crime can face a long sentence.

The triple execution shook the province, as 48 hours before three people bound hand and foot  were executed in a remote place on the road that leads to Las Palmas.

The victims were identified as Carlos Abdiel Barroso, Cinthia Colcherán Martínez and Rosa Martínez. It is presumed that their killing was related to narcotic drugs.



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