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Personal vegetarian/vegan chef


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Home-cooked, healthy meals prepared in the convenience of your own home.


Looking for delicious, healthy food and plenty more freedom day by day?


Here I can help you. Let me be your personal vegetarian/vegan chef.


Very often our busy lifestyles leave us with little time to plan, shop for and prepare the kind of home-cooked, healthy meals that we wish to enjoy on a daily basis. 


As a personal chef I can prepare for you delicious international-inspired dishes with fresh, natural ingredients, amazing cakes, ice cream and deserts, fragrant homemade bread and salsas in the convenience of your own home.


Time saving… no more planning, shopping, cooking or cleaning up.  I will do this for you freeing up many hours of your time every week.


Healthy delicious eating… the freshest and best ingredients are always used and never any preservatives, additives, artificial ingredients or animal products.


Enjoy at Home… all you have to do is come home and enjoy your food.


About me.  I am a long time enthusiastic chef, who out of a deep desire to have the most healthy food for me and my family, developed my own cooking style without using any animal products, preservatives or additives.  I have a passion and dedication to develop great dishes and offer the best culinary experience for those I cook for.


If you are interested, I am happy to meet with you to understand your personal needs, likes, dislikes and dietary restrictions to create a custom plan to fit your lifestyle and preferences.  Please contact me at: mypersonalchefpanama@gmail.com.



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