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Police bust group selling e-cigarettes and liquid pot

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Police bust group selling e-cigarettes and liquid pot


Posted 19/10/2019

National Police units have located and dismantled a  criminal organization dedicated to distributing electronic cigarettes with liquid marijuana.

Panamanian authorities have been tracking the group  for  several months  to get it out of circulation because according to reports, electronic cigarettes produce health effects a position shared by the Ministry of Health (Minsa), who have launched several campaigns to warn the population, especially young people, to avoid using these types of smoking devices.

During a meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO), in Brazil in July this year, a report presented warned that electronic cigarettes are "undoubtedly harmful" and should be regulated.



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E-cigarette and marijuana peddlers get 11 and 15 years in plea deal


Posted 21/10/2019

Two members of a ring selling electronic cigarettes and liquid marijuana in Panama, with private school students included among customers willing to pay up to $100  have been   sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

The sentences of 15 years for a Panamanian and 11 years for a  Venezuelan woman followed a penalty agreement between the Drug Prosecutor's Office and defense lawyers and were handed down on  Sunday, October 20, by  Judge of Guarantees of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama, Frank Torres.

The defendants were arrested on the weekend in simultaneous operations in Vía Argentina and in the province of Coclé, , for the commercialization of liquid marijuana, for consumption through electronic cigarettes.



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