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Cultural Surveys Indicate Panamanians Least Satisfied With Democracy, and Growing Distrust of Aulthorities


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Panamanians least satisfied with democracy


Posted 15/10/2019

Panamanians are the least satisfied with democracy of the 20 countries in Latin America included in the  "Barometer of the Americas"   survey

With a percentage of 26.1%, Panama is in the last position of the Latin American nations, in the most recent edition - 2018-2019-, of the Americas Barometer.

Uruguay is in first place with 59.5% in the Latin America Satisfaction with democracy survey.

In the countries of Latin America in 2018, an average of 39.6% of citizens was satisfied with democracy, according to the Americas Barometer, which  points out that this value is only “a little lower than the reported in 2016-2017, However, it is substantially less than the

The study conducted by the Barometers of the Americas was carried out in 20 countries in and more than 31,000  people were interviewed between 2018-2019. Among the results produced by the study in, more than half of those interviewed consider that politicians and their institutions are now more corrupt.

The Americas Barometer is an initiative of the Latin American Public Opinion Project ( LAPOP ) founded more than two decades ago that seeks the development, implementation, and analysis of public opinions.



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62%  of Panamanians feel insecure  as distrust of authorities swells


Posted 16/10/2019

Some 62 percent of the Panama population feels insecure according to the 6th survey of victimization and perception of citizen security carried out by the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture. with the provinces of Chiriquí, Panama, Panama Oeste, Cocle being the ones with the highest perception of insecurity

According to the data revealed, respondents, say they feel more insecure when they are near their homes, leaving or returning, between 6:00 pm and 12:00 am

The survey also showed that the number of people who have been victims of theft more than once, doubled to 44% and that there is no trust in the authorities.

.Only 45% of the citizens denounced the crime of which they were victims, while the remaining 55% who did not report reacted in this way due to distrust of the authorities

Of those who reported a crime, 71% said that nothing happened with the complaint a figure that represented an increase of almost 20 points over the previous year.



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