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Boquete Newcomers - Useful resources

(by no means, is this list complete but it can get you started with information about your new town)

Public Facebook groups: (sign up for notices) - login into your Facebook page and search BOQUETE


Boquete Community Group – information about what’s going on in town, places to rent, public notices

Boquete Music Calendar – what’s happening at the bars / live music venues/ who’s playing

Meet Boquete Newcomers – social group and information sharing efforts.

BCP – Local Theatre, weekly talks, and sponsor of Tuesday Market 9.00 a.m. – 12 noon every Tuesday - across the bridge near the Feria.

Mayor’s office :  Alcaldia De Boquete ( public notices about water, elec., projects etc.)  and Municipio Boquete

Public websites:  Sign up for notices   news.boquete@gmail.com






Boquete and Beyond https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.chiriqui&hl=en   ( listings of all kinds of things here – avail for Android)

Panama Good Times (avail for Android and iPhone) – details about all types of things, tours, places, restaurants

In need of health equipment /hospice /what to do if die in Panama :

http:// www.boquetehealth.org  ( can obtain printouts to complete)

Emergency services/spanish translation/police contact/ambulance/fire contact/medical discounts:

Rodny Direct ( subscription)  https://rodnydirect.com/

Mail / shipping services :    Post office is located across from the Park, in the corner of the Admin building

MailBoxes Etc., EShop Boquete, UnoExpress (Alto Boquete),

Fletes Chavales – overnight and goods shipping – approved by US Embassy

Supermarkets ( Mercado )  e.g .Super Baru , Romero’s, Mandarin  ( Bajo Boquete) and host of smaller ones;     Alto Boquete :  Ivan’s , Dorado, Mini Dorado, El Dorado Plus etc. (To get keys cut, plumbing parts and groceries  = Mandarin)

Banks:  Multibank, Banco General, Global Bank, Banco National, Banistmo (David – has ATM in Super Baru)

Cell phone services:  Mas Movil, MoviStar ( have offices here) , Claro (David)

Volunteer organizations: heaps of them!! for handicapped, dogs, cats, children, education, veterans, indigenous causes

Social groups:  several for women ( e.g. Chica’s, Girls and Gals ) and men ( e.g. Romeo’s) etc

Boquete Newcomers - information sheet.docx

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