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BCP Tuesday Talks


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10:30 in the BCP Theater

Immediately on your right across the Feria Bridge



Tuesday, October 15 - Mosquitoes: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Stephanie Bennett

They are annoying and some carry diseases, but they are also part of the food chain. Stephanie Bennett has researched mosquitoes for many years and will talk about Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya amongst other topics, including symptoms.


  Moderator:   Sheila Strunk


 Tuesday, October 22  -  Nutre Hogar Chiriqui– Judith Tovar, speaker for this charity that feeds and improves the lives of malnourished children in the Chiriqui province.  Nutre Hogar welcomes visitors to their location in David to play with the children.


  Moderator:  Louise Orr


Tuesday, October 29 – Pan American Life Insurance – Medical Plan – Elsa Vergera – Medical health insurance including hospitalization, ambulance, emergency care and coverage for pre-existing conditions. The plans also cover dental work.


 Moderator:  Nikki Steele


Tuesday, November 5 – A presentation on Mercury by Dr. Bill McGrawMercury the Ultimate Truth and Chronic Disease.  Mercury is the second most toxic element known. It has been around long before modern humans ever began but its concentration in our environment and food has increased by over a factor of 10 times since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Dr. Bill McGraw will describe in amazing detail the whole story of mercury and how it came to be one of the biggest contributors of toxicity in the human body. From when and where it has been mined in the earth to how it became prevalent in vaccines, fish and so many polluting industries. and most importantly, how it gets into our bodies and why it is so very hard to remove. The history of mercury toxicity will also be presented, including the Minimater disaster from the 1950s to the present day. All major outputs will be detailed including processes, locations, and current sources of mercury toxicity. Mercury in fish and mammals will be presented by species from all areas of the world. 


Moderator:  Diane Heidke


Tuesday November 12 – Magda Crespo - Insurance and real estate agent will give a presentation about new medical services in the area: ambulance with paramedic available 24/7and also medical services at home.


  Moderator: Joanie Feuerstein


Tuesday, November 19 – What the Heck is Boquete Health and Hospice and why must Ex-Pats know about BHH?  

A panel discusses and fields your questions about the BHH purpose that goes beyond hospice care. Topics addressed are the BHH free services from our procedures for respiratory services, equipment loan programs including canes to hospital beds and how to access blood for surgeries and other BHH assistance.  The panel will preview our revised “Be Prepared” workshop on how to plan for a health issue here under the laws of Panama. 

If you have chosen to live here whether forever or as a snow-bird, you can’t afford to miss this presentation. 

   Moderator:  Joanie Feuerstein

Tuesday, November 26 – What is Health? Dr. Peter Sterling A professor of neuroscience at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Sterling’s research has focused its goals on how the brain us designed; its architecture.  He has a book coming out published by MIT Press in December called ‘What is Health?’.

  Moderator: Cheryl Schmidt

Tuesday, December 3 –The mayor of Boquete, Joswar Alvarado, will give a talk

 Moderator: Nikki Steele

Tuesday, December 10 – Birds of Panama – Paquita Bath will give a presentation on identifying local birds.

Moderator:  Joanie Feuerstein

Tuesday, December 17 – Salvadores de Animales – (SALDEA) – Pet Adoption Service – A talk by members of the group: Diane Englerth, Dilia Luciani, Jeri Siegel and Mary Taft.



To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings, please email talks@eventsboquete.org

To become a vendor at the Tuesday market,   Facility Manager

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