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Raúl Alberto de Saint Malo García (Brother of Former VP) Gets Special Treatment for His Role in the Odebrecht Corruption

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VP’s brother linked to Odebrecht, Martinelli sons

Martinelli sons and Saint Malo, right
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THE BROTHER of Panama  Vice- president and Chancellor Isabel de Saint Malo is the latest high profile insider to be fingered in the country’s  ongoing corruption scandals.

Raúl de Saint Malo was part of a  money-laundering scheme linked to the sons of ex-president Ricardo Martinelli. according to Specialized Anticorruption Prosecutor Tania Sterling.

De Saint Malo,  under investigation for banking transactions used to pay bribes of Odebrecht, must explain to the public prosecutor the origin of the monies coming from the account Petro Trading Services, company. in which he split shares with Ricardo and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares. The Public Ministry presumes that the last two received more than $50 million in bribes from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, reports La Estrella de Panama.

The inquiries suggest that $ 7.1 million was used in business with De Saint Malo for the purchase of tankers for fuel bunkering.

Raúl de Saint Malo, a shareholder of Star Tankers, approached  Ricardo Martinelli Linares an acquaintance from his student days at the University of Georgetown, Washington, to propose buying tankers to transport fuel. De Saint Malo had met with the Jamaica Petrojam refinery, which had alerted him about the expiration of a transport contract it had with a Greek company and the opportunity to win contracts on the island was open.

Martinelli immediately said that Global Bank,  in which his family had shares, would finance the project.

De Saint Malo found ships in Europe but at payment time   Martinelli said that the bank was not able to disburse the money on time, so they would buy the boats with their money and then the bank would release the loan and the debt would be repaid. The amount of $ 17million was for three ships.  When De Saint Malo arrived in Germany, the vendors asked him to fast-track the funds.

Martinelli’s attorney gave him the account number and De Saint Malo noticed that the money came from the Stonewood And Partners Corp. account in the Winterbotham Merchant Bank in the Bahamas. De Saint Malo asked Martinelli for the swift code for buyers to track the funds. Mauricio Cort, the lawyer of the  Martinelli sons, told him that it was delayed because he had to move money between several accounts to collect the whole and send it to the vendor.

The ships were purchased, and registered in Panama The prosecutor says that the banking movements referred to by Cort came from an account of a bank in  Andorra fed by transfers from the Kienfeld and Aeong Group companies, controlled by the Odebrecht “Office of Structured Operations,” with which bribery payments were made to politicians.  De Saint Malo said that he had no idea where the money in  the Bahamas came from.



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Lawyers condemn move to replace jail time with teaching post


The convicted launderer, sister and former pressident Varela in happier days

Posted 06/09/2019

Sentenced  four months ago to  five years jail time  for laundering money from Odebrecht bribes  , engineer Raúl Alberto de Saint Malo García, brother of former Vice President Isabel de Saint Malo, has not spent a day behind bars and is now awaiting a hearing to decide if his penalty can be changed to  “community work” -defined in his request as teaching in a maritime museum.

Prosecutor Tania Sterling, is expected to oppose the replacement of the sentence requested by the defense.


Already the Compliance Judge, Angeline Hernández denied Saint Malo, the request for the replacement of the sentence to serve as a teacher at the Maritime University of Panama (UMIP).

Lawyer and journalist Maribel Cuervo de Paredes said that the "defense of the confessed corrupt insists on finding a way to teach in college and avoid going to jail. Local corruption undressed the number of cowards who with no manhood steal from the State, but do not have enough courage to pay for their crimes.”

Bad example Law professor Miguel Antonio Bernal and other lawyers have stated that given the seriousness of the fact that Raúl de Saint Malo,  was investigated and received the sentence of five years in prison, replacing that penalty with classes in a university, does not send the correct message to the young students.

Bernal also mentioned equality for all citizens. "If this change of Saint Malo is granted, the same benefit should be given to the rest of those in prisons for similar crimes," he warned.



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Money launderer swaps 5 years jail for weekly board meeting


De Saint Malo - lots to smile about

Posted 02/10/2019

Raúl De Saint-Malo Garcia  a   major  player in the Odebrecht bribery scandal who  was sentenced  to five years in prison  for money laundering after reaching a collaboration deal, had his jail term changed to  community work by a compliance judge on Tuesday, O

Saint-Malo García, must attend meetings on of the Ancón Community Board on Fridays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm In addition, he  is  prohibited from leaving the country.

The community work must be done for a period of 960 days.

De Saint Malo García,  a brother of the former vice president Isabel De Saint Malo, reached a collaboration and penalty agreement with the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor in March.

The case has sparked widespread criticism of the system because, despite the sentence of 5 years in prison, De Saint Malo was never arrested.

The defense originally requested the replacement of the prison sentence for work as a teacher in n a public university. The request was rejected because it was accompanied by documentation showing the teaching post would be unpaid



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Cushy community deal for money launderer appealed


Posted 05/10/2019

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has announced the presentation of an appeal against the decision of a compliance court to replace a five-year prison sentence with one day for community work to  Raúl De Saint Malo, convicted of money laundering through the Brazilian company  Odebrecht.

The decision has raised concerns in Panama about continuing impunity for high profile malefactors. De Saint Malo is the brother of Panama’s vice-president and Chancellor in the previous administration, and made a plea deal but has never spent a day behind bars.

In a communication via twitter, the Public Ministry announced the decision taken by the anti-corruption prosecutor of discharge, Adecio Mojica, to announce the appeal in this case.



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Community work deal for convicted money launderer revoked


Posted 10/10/2019

Raúl De Saint Malo García, sentenced to 5 years in jail for money laundering in connection with the Odebrecht bribery scandal, who until Thursday, October 10  had not spent a day behind bars 

He left an appeals court hearing handcuffed and with a police escort on his way to the Tinajitas prison in San Miguelito.

At the hearing, magistrates Luis Mario Carrasco, presiding Yiles Pittí and Fernando Alonzo revoked the once a week community work in Ancon instead of jail.

When considering the seriousness of the crime. Carrasco warned that there is no precedent that indicates that the prison sentence for money laundering can be replaced by communal work as de Saint Malo intended. 

Nedelka Díaz, a lawyer for De Saint Malo - brother of former Vice President Isabel De Saint Malo de Alvarado - announced the filing of constitutional guarantee protection.

Earlier in the week, Saint Malo had said in an interview with La Estrella, that the prosecution had tried to pressure him into providing evidence against his one-time business partners, the sons of ex-president Ricardo Martinelli.

Prosecutor Tania Sterling said that their work was done and that they have fulfilled their role, and the message has been sent about the consequences of committing a crime.

She  added that there is a general clamor from society that people who have looted the country's funds must respond and not slip away from the administration of justice



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Money launderer wants to swop jail-time for community work


Raoul de Saint Malo prefers community work to jail

Posted 19/11/2019

Convicted  of money laundering arising from the Odebrecht bribery scandal Raúl de Saint Malo, brother of former vice-president Isabel de Saint Malo.is still trying to exchange his five years behind bars sentence for community work.

He has filed  an Amparo of guarantees against the decision of a Superior Court of Justice, which revoked the benefit of community work in favor of jail  time

Supreme Court  judge  Cecilio Cedalise will have to decide whether to admit the appeal

On October 2, Compliance Judge Irma Arosemena granted the replacement of a prison sentence for one day a week community work to Raúl de Saint Malo, even though he had already been sentenced to jail in  March and had never spent a day behind bars.

On October 10, the Superior Court of Appeals revoked the replacement of the prison sentence With work at the Ancón Community Board that had been granted to Saint Malo

Judge Luis Carrasco, said at the time that there is no known case in which the prison sentence for money laundering is replaced by community work

De Saint Malo is serving his sentence at the El Renacer prison.



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Money launderer swops 5-years jail for once a week office job


Posted 14/08/2020

The  Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office is appealing the ruling of a compliance judge that  converted  a five-year prison term  for money laundering connected to  the Odebre

Money launderer swops 5-years jail for once a week office job

The  Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office is appealing the ruling of a compliance judge that converted a five-year prison term for money laundering connected to the Odebrecht bribery scandal to a one-day a week shift in a  health center as a general assistant.

Judge , Héctor Zarzavilla Pérez, granted community service to Raúl de Saint Malo on  Friday, August 14,

At the hearing, the judge agreed to substitute the sentence for community work at the "Emiliano Ponce" Health Center, located in the Calidonia district.

This "after considering that they met all the requirements to replace the prison sentence," says a statement from the Judicial Branch.

Saint Malo must carry out the work in the Department of General Services, Health Center, every Thursday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

“And you will have to fulfill these tasks until you complete the term of your 60-month sentence,” said the judge

In addition, the judge warned him that he must not leave the country, must have good behavior, not carry firearms, not consume alcoholic beverages or drugs, and must report to the Compliance Court on the 14th of each month.  

Prosecutor Anilú Batista Carles said that he will present an appeal. The hearing appeal will be onAugust 21, at 3:30 pm in the Superior Court of Appeals.




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Tribunal de Apelación revoca medida de trabajo comunitario otorgada a Raúl de Saint Malo

La audiencia se realizó tras la apelación de la Fiscalía Especial Anticorrupción.
Juan Manuel Díaz
21 ago 2020 - 07:25 PM


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Frontman  for Martinelli sons in Odebrecht  scandal stays jailed


Posted 22/08/2020

The man who bought a helicopter for the sons of former president  Ricardo Martinelli, with alleged illicit funds will continue spending his days behind bars in El Renacer prison.

The Superior Court of Appeal reversed, on  Friday, August 21, the community work measure granted Raúl de Saint Malo García who is serving a 60-month prison sentence for money laundering linked to the  Odebrecht scandal. 

Judges Gladys Moreno, Gustavo De Gracia, and Asunción Alonso, reversed the decision of the compliance judge of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama, Héctor Zarzavilla Pérez , who, on August 14, granted the measure of one day a week community work at the Emiliano Health Center Ponce in the Calidonia district.

The magistrates pointed out that in this case the compliance judge did not duly assess the need for equitable compensation to society for the damage caused. 

They added that the return of money made by Saint Malo was a result of the sentence agreement reached with the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, of which the sentence of five years in prison is part.

The hearing was held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to  Judge Zarzavilla Pérez,  De Saint Malo, “met all the requirements to substitute the prison sentence," which was appealed by the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office.

The investigation of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, De Saint Malo admitted that on instructions from the brothers Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares - sons of former President - he made payments for the purchase of a helicopter that was later apprehended on suspicion having been acquired with illicit money.



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