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Health blitz closes restaurant as diarrhea outbreak mounts in San Miguelito area

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Health blitz closes restaurant as diarrhea outbreak mounts


Posted 12/10/2019

Health  authorities in  San Miguelito have ordered the temporary closure of Jerry N ° 4 restaurant, following a series of  investigations of  food facilities in response to a widespread outbreak of diarrhea in the region.

Yaritsel Ríos the regional director of Health, said that the closure of the restaurant is part of the health prophylaxis actions carried out together with officials of the General Directorate of Migration and Customs, and the Ministry of Labor.

During the raid on the restaurant they found employees with health cards of doubtful origin, foreign citizens who had no documents, among other irregularities.

Rios said that the actions included commercial stores such as bakeries, wineries, minisupers, among others, located in the Rufina Alfaro district, in which they detected that they were not complying with the necessary hygienic measures.

She explained that in addition to the complaints filed by the members of these communities, they are taking these types of measures due to the diarrhea problems occurring in the district.

Authorities have registered 26,000 t cases of diarrhea. Those most affected are adults between 20 and 59 years of age.



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Food handling perils in San Miguelito


Posted 13/10/2019

Food handlers in Brisas del Golf  wearing flops and shorts  and without  aprons or hairnets have been found without  health cards or work permits during a surprise weekend operation by health authorities targeting fondas, minisupers, and restaurants

 Regional health director Yaritzel Ríos said that bad food handling could be seen with the naked eye, with dirty utensils, coupled with the presence of rodents and cockroaches.

They also found deteriorated refrigerators, cross-contaminated food, and the absence of fumigation controls.

According to epidemiological reports until week 39, there have been  26,000 cases of diarrhea have been  registered in the San Miguelito district.



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