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Former ambassador claims attack by father of convicted launderer

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Former ambassador claims attack by father of convicted launderer


Cochez at the hospital after the incident

Posted 06/10/2019

The lawyer and former ambassador to the OAS., Guillermo "Willy" Cochez denounced through his Twitter account an alleged physical assault while leaving mass at the Don Bosco church on Via Israel on Sunday. October 6.

 The alleged attack which appeared on video was by the father of Raul Saint Malo, who recently has a five-year jail sentence for money laundering converted to once a week community work. The launderer is the brother of Panama’s vice president during the Ricardo Martinelli administration.

I have been cowardly assaulted outside the Don Bosco church by Raúl St. Malo, father of the 5-year prisoner for money laundering. It seems that he wants us to applaud his son's actions, ”said Cochez, who had to go to the hospital after the confrontation reports El Siglo.

"Those who believe in physically assaulting me like De Saint Malo did it at the exit of the Don Bosco church, in Via Israel they are wrong. These cowardly actions give me the strength to denounce all cases of impunity that like that of his son Raul Saint  Malo  Garcia is in Panama, "added the former ambassador.

De Saint Malo Sr. responded that he only spoke to  Cochez and he attacked me. "I defended myself and he fell," he said.

Cochez  said that "now it turns out that the cowardly aggressor of Saint Malo - who attacked me when I left the Church - says that it was I who attacked him."

He also said that at least 20 people witnessed his outburst, “and there are also cameras. "



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