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Work starts on Metro airport connection


airport access coming

Posted 02/10/2019

Work on the extension of line 2 of the Panama Metro, which will take it  to  Tocumen International airport, began on Wednesday, October 2. with the construction of the piles for the overhead tracks.

Agustín Arias, director of projects of Metro, said the viaduct must be built in 12 months is cemented and will work in parallel in building two stations that will be simpler, but wider than the others in Line 2.

The work has an approximate cost of $88 million and the deadline for delivery is 28 months.

“We are anticipating, that one in three of Line 2 trains would go to the airport. They would leave the south corridor station, take the branch, stop at the Higher Technical Institute of Education ITSE station and continue to the airport. When they return and they would join the circulation within line 2, ”said Arias.

He added that the airport station will be about 60 meters from the north terminal.



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Planning for Metro 2A to Paitilla


Posted 24/11/2019

As Panama Metro struggles with objections to a $2,5 billion bid for the construction of Line 3  to Panama Oeste it continues to work in parallel on the subway expansion program designed for the next decades. Leading off with the extension of line 2 from San Miguelito to Punta Paitilla

The tender for line 3 is currently suspended after the General Directorate of Public Procurement accepted the claims of the three groups that were surpassed by the Korean consortium HPH, which submitted the most economical offer.

Line 3, is  a project of 25 kilometers and that would take 54 months to complete, the next Metro project would be line 2A, the work would have an extension of 9.8 kilometers and its concept would be similar to that used in Line 1 which has elevated and underground stations.

One of the preliminary studies of the project has already been awarded.

Line 2A would run parallel to Ricardo J. Alfaro Avenue, continue along Manuel Espinosa Batista Avenue, cross Federico Boyd Avenue and Aquilino de la Guardia Avenue, to finish in the Paitilla area. With this layout, the Panama Metro seeks to connect the eastern sector of the capital city, specifically the Tocumen International Airport with the banking and business area of the capital city.



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Bribery tainted contractors advance Metro airport extension


Posted 22/12/2019

The two-kilometer extension of Metro  Line 2  to the Tocumen International Airport is already visible and is being built by  two companies that have admitted to paying bribes to obtain State contracts.

The project connects the South Station (Technological University) with the new Tocumen passenger terminal and, in the middle will have a station at the Specialized Higher Technical Institute (ITSE).

The extension is being built by the Line 2 Ramal consortium, composed the Brazilian Odebrecht (60%) and the Spanish FCC (40%). the companies that built Metro bribery tainted lines 1 and 2.

The new project has advanced  14%. The contractor is installing the bases that will support the piles where the train system will pass, which will be similar to the one used in the two existing  Metro lines.

Odebrecht and FCC got the contract with a  $102 million bid  Although the consortium did not present the most economical offer, won the contract by with more points in the technical approach.

The proposal is divided into $88 million for the cost of the work, and $14 million for the cost of financing.

The branch to Tocumen will allow travelers arriving at the airport to be transported to the city center through one of the trains that will arrive at San Miguelito station, where they will make a transfer to line 1, which extends to Albrook



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TSO awarded $US 142.2m in contracts in Egypt, Mexico and Panama

Jun 29, 2020
Written by David Burroughs

NGE rail subsidiary TSO has been awarded three contracts worth $US 142.2m in Latin America and Africa.

line 2.jpg

TSO and CIM will extend metro Line 2 to Tocumen International airport.

In Egypt, a consortium of China’s Avic International and China Railway Group was awarded a $US 1.24bn contract to build the 66km 10th of Ramadan Railway in August 2017. The consortium has now awarded a joint venture (JV) of TSO and Orascom Construction a $US 112.5m contract to construct the track for the light rail line, which will link Cairo with the country’s New Administrative Capital (NAC) city and 10th of Ramadan City.

TSO and Orascom Construction will build 66km of double track, 10km of single track in the depot and 11 stations. The JV will be responsible for the design, supply chain management and construction, which is expected to take one year.

The Mexico City Department of Transportation has awarded a consortium led by TSO, which includes Mexican construction companies Prodemex and Deterra, a contract to extend metro Line 12 from Mixcoac to an interchange with Line 1 at Observatorio. The two-and-a-half-year project includes laying 4.6km of double track and 20 points and crossovers, and building three stations and four buffers.

Metro De Panama (MPSA) has also awarded TSO and CIM a $US 9.7m contract to extend metro Line 2 to Tocumen International airport. TSO and CIM will supply materials and construct the 2.7km line, which will be electrified with rigid catenary.

The extension, which was approved in February, will also serve the Specialised Higher Technical Institute (ITSE) and will benefit more than 5000 students, 8000 airport employees and the thousands of tourists visiting Panama.



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Metro Station at Airport  38% complete


Posted 24/08/2020

The construction works of the station of line 2 of the Panama Metro at the Tocumen Airport are back on track and 38% complete. Work resumed in June in the midst of the pandemic

The  station is being  built parallel to the José Domingo Díaz road and has an extension of two kilometers of the elevated viaduct from the South corridor station to the Terminal 2

It will provide thousands of airline passengers and workers, a quick, cheap and efficient alternative to get to the airport ”said  Raffoul Arab, general manager of the Tocumen International Airport.

 Arab said that the companies in charge of the works in terminal 2 of the airport are advancing in biosafety procedures in order to comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Health, which authorized the restart of the work.




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Metro airport link  68% complete


Posted 04/04/2021

The construction of the 2 km connection between line 2 of the Panama Metro and Tocumen International Airport is 68% complete.

The contractor recently completed the installation of all the beams, including the one that crosses the southern corridor, one of the most critical points in the project.

The extension will have a station at the Higher Specialized Technical Institute of Panama (ITSE) and will end at the new Tocumen passenger terminal.

Before the coronavirus stoppage, it was projected that construction would finish in June 2022, but now the most realistic date would be in December 2022.

The work is carried out by the Línea 2 Ramal consortium, 60% controlled by the Brazilian company Odebrecht, while the remaining 40% belongs to the Spanish company FCC.

The design and execution of the project cost $88 million, while the financing will be  $14.8 million. To this figure must be added $42.7 million for the railway system giving a total of $145.5 million.



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2 km Metro airport extension cost reaches $150 million


Posted 04/11/2021

A $3,422,395 addendum to the cost of the 2-kilometer section that will connect Line 2 of the Metro with the Tocumen International Airport will raise the price to $150 million.

After adjusting the work schedule after the pause caused by the pandemic mobility restrictions it is estimated that the project which is 82% complete will enter into operation in the first quarter of 2023. The contract is with the Ramal consortium made up of the Brazilian company Odebrecht (CNO) and the Spanish Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC).

The works related to the railway system registered progress of 34% and the Metro explained that the gap with the civil works is due to the delay caused by the pandemic in the formalization of the contract.

The extension of line 2 will have a station at the Higher Specialized Technical Institute of Panama (ITSE) and will end at the new Tocumen passenger terminal.



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Korean companies play major role in multi-billion metro expansion


Posted 19/04/2022

The Korean consortium HPH Joint Venture, which is building line 3 of the metro, will also design the tunnel that will allow the monorail to cross under the Panama Canal after the earlier choice of an American-led consortium failed to meet the requirements demanded by the Government.

The selection of the group in which Louis Berger LAC participated generated a wave of criticism due to corruption cases in which the firm was mentioned.

In March, the Minister of Public Works, Rafael Sabonge, reported that HPH Joint Venture would be in charge of the construction of the underground section of line 3, which will have an extension of 5 kilometers, and would be in charge of the design and execution of the civil works.

Meanwhile, the civil works of the extension of line 2 to the Tocumen International Airport, are 93% complete and the installation of the railway system 79% advanced.

The 2-kilometer connection with the new passenger terminal cost $150 million and will have a station at the Panama Specialized Higher Technical Institute (ITSE).

The second project executed by the Metro in the capital city is the extension of line 1, from the San Isidro station, to the Villa Zaita sector. The work is the responsibility of the OHL-Mota Engil companies, at a cost of $202.6 million, and is 20% complete.

In the 2.2 kilometers that the project comprises, 85 piles will be built for the viaduct and another 10 for the Villa Zaita Station. The terminal station in Villa Zaita will be connected to a bus and taxi interchange that will have 16 parking docks (and the capacity to serve 8,000 passengers during peak hours.

A total of 2,800 jobs are currently generated by the three projects. Of the three, the largest is line 3, which will connect the Albrook station on line 1 with the City of the Future in Arraiján.

The work has a cost of 2.844 billion and was awarded to the Korean consortium HPH Joint Venture, made up of the companies Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd, and Posco Engineering Construction.

The projection of the Metro is that the 'heavy' works related to the tunnel will be carried out within the 54-month period that the Korean group has to build the elevated section. This period would not be enough to install the auxiliary and operating systems, as well as to carry out the tests of the complete line, so the construction time contemplated in the original contract would have to be extended.


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Metro moving over 300,000 a day


Posted 30/06/2022

The movement of passengers in the Panama Metro has increased in recent weeks with at least 300,000 users a day in the months of May and June. “With the increases that have occurred in the price of fuel, in the month of June there are already average demands of 323,000 travelers on working days (Monday to Friday), throughout the network, reaching one day 330,000. Demand throughout this year has not stopped growing. Until the last week of June, 44,610,832 have traveled by the Metro so far in 2022 with the movement of the year projected to exceed 100 million.


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