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Spay/Neuter Clinics #131 and #132 in Volcan

Dottie Atwater

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So sorry! Because of a severe computer crash, I was unable to create the web pages for August and September. I am having o reinstall all my programs, and I experienced many lost and corrupted files...I am still struggling with those issues.

I was using the outdated Microsoft Front Page to create my web pages. All of those files were corrupted, thus my template is gone. Now I'm trying to find a program to replace Front Page, and that is a challenge. I can't figure out how to use Weebly or Wix because I want to create my own template, not use one of theirs. I am exploring other programs to create web pages. Ideas please?

Following is a brief synopsis of the August and September clinics. Sorry, I don't have a list of the volunteers for August, but they are pretty much the same as usual.

I have the expenses and income for each clinic, which includes any donations, but I don't have the names of the donors...except for Al Jan, who donates $25 each month

August 22, 2017 - Clinic #131 in Volcan. Dr. Tello sterilized 24 dogs and 22 cats, a total of 46 animals. August brought our grand total to 5,098. Income was $905, expenses were $1,030, leaving an account balance of $2,332.28.

September 20, 2019 – Clinic #132 in Volcan. Dr. Tello sterilized 25 dogs and 28 cats, a total of 50 animals. This brings our total to 5,148. Income was $955, expenses were $1,145, leaving an account balance of $2,142.28.

At least I didn't lose the photos for this clinic. See the photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1Hrp8kdxemJcBQCD7 (Sorry, I did not include captions.)

We had mostly the usual volunteers, plus a new volunteer, Alexandra Orocú. She did a great job!


The October 20th clinic is almost full already. Our final clinic for this year will be on November 17th. Make your reservations early!

Many thanks to everyone!


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