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Recycling Opportunity and help Local Artists


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A Recycling-Upcycling Opportunity and help Local Artists!

The Fundacion Pro Integration (Handicapped Center)

has a ever growing and creating art group each Saturday Morning.

Do Not Miss the incredible Art Installation

that is just inside the building.

It is a jungle of potential!!

We are in desperate need of supplies.

Styrofoam trays ( Please no meat trays)

Large Plastic Yogurt Cups.. or any equivalent type plastic tub.

Rags or old stained T-shirts to use as aprons and reusable clean up tools

Any Art Supplies, Arts and Crafts materials you are not going to use

Paint... Tubes, bottles, or old larger cans of water-based paint

Brushes, Stencils, Watercolor Paint Sets, Pencils, Sharpeners, Erasers, Rulers, Scissors, Markers,

Oil Pastels, Watercolor Paper and Canvases and MAGAZINES!!!!

We welcome any and all possible donations.

We are planning a mural..so bigger brushes and bigger cans of paint are very welcome!! Red, White, Blue, Yellow..

Please drop your donation by the FPI building in Bajo Boquete,

directly across from Chopsticks Restaurant.

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The Fundacion Pro Integracion could use all Airline magazines that anyone might collect for us.

We also would like to suggest copying any Adult Coloring Book pages you might have that are uncolored!!  We would love those copies and we will make more!
Thank you again Boquete for your gracious and kind nature,
Fundacion Pro Integracion  (Foundation for Integration of the Disabled)
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